Your Guide to Fun Things to do with Kids in Columbia Mo

Things to do with Kids


Columbia is the fourth most populous city in Missouri and growing at the fastest pace, consistently on top of the index for development, progressiveness, and the sphere of art.

So, traveling to Columbia, Mo, after you get your US Esta visa is the ideal thing to do, especially if you are in the state of Missouri.

The city’s ancient history spanned thousands of years when nomadic tribes settled around plains and close to the Missouri River. Today it is known for its liberal and progressive attitudes and being a hub of education in the state.

Featuring some fascinating historic sites and museums, it is also one of the best places to be when you are with your kids and family. Columbia has many recreational parks and activities for kids that you can enjoy.

Things to do in Columbia, Mo with kids

  • Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation AreaLocated in the Northern part of the city, the recreational park sprawls 533 acres, making it big enough for parents to relax alongside the lakes in the parks while kids play their heart. The park also features a serene trail to walk, as well as a baseball and soccer field.
  • Twin Lakes Recreation AreaAnother popular and well-maintained recreational area in the city, the Twin Lakes Park, is vast, featuring a vast lake where ducks and other water birds swim freely. It is a great place to take kids to play baseball, soccer, or catch in the huge field area. And if they are fond of walking or playing with dogs, this is the perfect place for them.
  • Museum of Art and Archaeology”Teach them when they are young and curious,” that is how the saying goes. Who says that children or school kids will not enjoy a museum trip? Sure, they may find it boring initially, but if they are explained the importance of art and archaeology sincerely, their curiously will be harnessed, and from the next time, kids will beg you to take them to the museum.

Arcade Columbia Mo


The Game arcade, Bonkers, located in the southern part of the town at 3812 Buttonwood Drive, is a kid-favorite in Columbia. School kids eagerly wait for a weekend when they can rush to the gaming arcade, featuring several popular games like Dashing cars, maze areas, and bouncy castles. They will not even go hungry as the arcade houses an eatery serving tasty food.

Columbia Mall

Located in the city center, the Columbia Mall is not just frequented for its classic selection of eateries and branded apparel stores. The mall also houses a gaming center, which is popular among school kids and youngsters because of video arcade games and other fun games like dashing call and baseball throw.

Dinner places for kids in Columbia Mo

  1. Addison’sEasily one of the best places to eat in Columbia, Addison’s is an excellent place for kids because of the appealing interior design in the outlet. The restaurant serves dishes like Hamburger and fries, cheese-loaded nachos, and desserts like cheesecake, which are a hit with kids.
  2. Buckingham Smokehouse BBQKids love Barbecue, especially when it is Buckingham Smokehouse BBQ, located at 3804 Buttonwood Drive. The barbecued food menu includes BBQ smoked chicken, barbecue pork and accompanying sauce, and a chilled mojito to go with it.
  3. Your PieIt is pizza time in Columbia! Are your kids demanding a filling and tasty pizza? Then take them to Your Pie, located at 1413 Grindstone Plaza Drive. The place is extremely children friendly with specially designed meal portions. You can combine your pizzas with a healthy side of salad or smoothie.

Places to stay in Columbia Mo

  • Comfort Suites Columbia – University Area
    Located at 1010 W, Business Loop 70 W, the hotel provides budget rooms highly maintained and spacious for a family. The hotel also features a small children-friendly swimming pool and an in-house restaurant. The per-day rate at this hotel ranges between $70-$100.
  • The Broadway Columbia
    A by-product of the reputed chain of Hilton Hotels, The Broadway, a 3-star hotel, is located at 1111 E Broadway. It features premium suites, a restaurant cum bar, a play area for children, a spacious pool, and proximity to the airport. The per-day rate of rooms ranges between $125-$200.

Our Verdict

Most of the cities in the Midwestern state of Missouri have some historical significance and reflect the essence of old-American culture and pride.

Columbia holds the same credentials and is also one of the most progressive cities in the Midwest. Being a tourist attraction for the presence of its gaming arcades, national reserve parks, and even a children-friendly town, Columbia, Missouri, is a must-visit for every first-time traveler in the state.

If you have already applied, then please check Esta status of your application, and upon confirmation, be ready with packed travel bags and prepare your kids for an exciting getaway to Columbia.

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