Things to avoid while shopping for kid’s clothing online in India

During and after the pandemic, as digital awareness and footprint increased, online shopping became the preferred mode for most people.

Now, kids’ clothes are readily available from renowned global brands at the click of a button. But buying kids’ clothes online can be a daunting and exhausting exercise when it comes to the quality and sizes, which keep fluctuating in their growing-up years.

Here are the top things to avoid when you buy kids’ clothes online.

  1. Inauthentic and Phishing Sites: Getting excited after seeing adorable clothes via random advertisements and pop-ups on social media, we often place orders without checking the authenticity of these sites. It is critical to verify the authenticity to avoid purchasing from sites selling counterfeit brands or even spending money on counterfeit or phishing websites that rob us of money, steal our personal information, or both. Original brands are popular because of their consistent quality and designs, and you want to be sure of the quality, especially for your little ones. Checking customer reviews is a good idea to understand the reliability of the website. Look out for the Verisign or similar authentication marks on the website so that you are not duped into getting robbed on fake ecommerce sites.
  2. Wrong Size Checks: Children’s sizes can be difficult to ascertain, given their growth and fluctuating sizes. Be careful and check if the clothing item you like has a size chart with the right measurements for your child. Most items have specific size details for you to choose from, with the measurements specified. A few sites also offer the virtual service of fitting the garment, asking for special instructions. Read the description of the garment thoroughly before making the purchase. The sizes sometimes have different country standards and numbers that could differ from the size numbers you use. Check for the return and exchange policy before making the purchase, or any wrong purchase could strand with clothes of the wrong size itself!
  3. Impulsive Purchasing: In the excitement and paucity of time in our hectic lives, we often make impulsive decisions and buy in a hurry. Your children are precious and delicate. And you want to avoid wasting your money and time in buying a low-quality garment for them. Our advice is to buy kids’ clothes online when you have the time to peruse the styles, quality, and every detail accompanying the chosen piece of clothing for your baby. Do not act in a hurry to repent at leisure.
  4. Imprudent Short-sighted Purchasing: It is essential to exercise prudence and restraint when shopping since there are various clothes for kids. Still, one should also realize that they grow up quickly and may outgrow these clothes. Thus, it is advisable not to invest in short and expensive clothing when it is meant for one or two occasions. Clothing that could be used for a short period within a year, like sweaters, jackets, etc., should be bought in sizes bigger than your child’s present size. Otherwise, expensive winter clothes may not fit your child next winter. Daily wear items like undergarments and socks should be of the best quality from verified brands, as they directly touch your child’s skin. Being prudent most definitely does not mean being frugal. Buy a handful of dresses for special occasions, especially if you bring your kid to parties and other functions. Buy kids to wear prudently by avoiding wrong clothes that are gimmicky and expensive, especially those that could be used once a year.
  5. Too Much Attachment to Style: Refrain from buying clothes that are simple and comfortable but lacking in style. Children are always keen to try out clothes that make an impression. It is preferable to opt for comfort and style while staying current with trends. Avoid ordering more than one item from a new site to test their reliability.

Last but not least, if your children are old enough to make choices, do not disregard their views and options. Involve them in shopping by asking them their preferences and then make a joint decision when buying kids’ clothes online.

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