5 Things You Can Do With PDFBear

PDFBear is one of the most popular online PDF tool platforms that can aid with your day-to-day office tasks or school requirements. Whether you need to convert a document to a PDF file or you need to merge multiple PDF files into one file, PDFBear is your ultimate partner. With only 4 easy steps, each function is very easy to use and very convenient. Just Drag, Select, Wait, and Download.

Here are some features of PDFBear that may come in handy.


If you need tosplit pdf pages, you can use the Split PDF function of PDFBear. Basically, it’s splitting a single PDF file with multiple pages into different PDFs. If you are worried about how you can keep some pages of a long 100-page document, PDFBear can help you with that.

Upon processing, you have the option to view the pages you are splitting to make sure that you will make any mistake. For instance, you have a 10-page document in PDF but you only need pages 3 and 7.  You just need to select these pages once you uploaded the file on the website. Furthermore, all files that were extracted using PDFBear can be accessed from all platforms. So, if you need to send the split pages using Messaging apps, you wouldn’t need to worry.


Since a PDF is a compiled filed from either a word document or a PowerPoint presentation, the converted file can be quite large. A converted PDF is already a reduced version of your existing file. However, if the original file is extremely large, the converted PDF may still be a large file. With the help of PDFBear, you can still reduce the size of your file with the Compress feature.

If you are worried that the quality of your image and content will be affected during the compression, PDF makes sure that while they are reducing the file size of your PDF, it will not lower the quality of your document. The tool can make your file size 70% less than the original without hassle. Thus, you can easily compress and prepare it for sending via email for as long as it is within the allowable 25MB limit for attachments.


PDF conversion is the bread and butter of PDFBear. It’s the most basic yet most helpful feature of the online platform. Regardless if you want to convert a Word Document or a PowerPoint presentation, PDFBear can surely do the job for you. By using the PDF file, you can create a document that will be best for archiving and presentation.

All files converted using PDFBear are surely compatible with many Operating Systems for computers and mobile platforms. Aside from doc and ppt, you can also convert image files such as BMP, png, tiff, and gif. Powered by Solid Documents, you can guarantee that the quality of your document, image, or presentation will not be compromised.


Since more and more people are already using PDF format for their documents and presentations, you may sometimes encounter receiving multiple PDF files that need to be saved in a single document. Luckily for you, PDFBear also helps combine those.

The entire process is not rocket science. It is made to be quick and convenient to make sure that you will get your files organized as soon as you need it. If your files are saved on your mobile, you can also use this service by logging into the website and perform the steps above. PDFBear values your time and provides efficient solutions for all your office problems.


It has become a practice by many offices to send a contract or document via PDF. If you are one of those people who still prints and sign these papers, then you are living in the stone age. Printing a multiple-page document and signing them individually, then scanning them again so you can send it back will take too much of your energy and time. With the Sign feature of PDFBear, you can easily sign your PDF files online without these hassles.

By uploading the file and your e-signature on their platform, PDFBear can make your life easier. You wouldn’t need to spend hours preparing for a physical contract that you will just send back online. With the help of PDFBear, you can save money with the ink cost and save the environment by not wasting paper.

Key takeaway

PDFBear is your one-stop-shop online platform for everything you need to do with your PDF file. It’s surely secured because all the files uploaded on the website will automatically be deleted an hour after you process it. You can check their Privacy Policy for extra peace of mind. What are you waiting for? Use PDFBear to split, compress, merge, convert, and sign your PDF files!

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