There Is No Reason for You Not Trying to Study Abroad

At present, studying abroad is no longer impossible for any student. America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. are the goals of study that many dream of. So, what are the benefits and advantages that you will get if you study abroad?

There are many benefits and advantages of studying abroad that you won’t get if you study abroad. Check out the explanation below cited by so that you will not hesitate to try applying for a university abroad:

1. Living Abroad Will Make You More Independent

Living abroad will be far more difficult than living in Indonesia. You cannot rely on additional remittances from parents, so you must save the money you have now.

Make of the most students who study abroad instead have a simple lifestyle.

2. Improving Foreign Language Ability

The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to apply it directly in everyday life. If you study in a country like Australia, where English is the primary language, you can take PTE English classes. Your English skills will definitely improve as not only will you be studying the language, but you’ll also have to use it in your everyday life. So, it is with other languages ​​in other countries.

3. See Foreign Culture Firsthand

Not only the language, you can also see and understand directly the culture of foreign countries. For example, such as greeting habits, how to eat, how to socialize, native culture, and so forth. If you study in Indonesia, you will not get such experience.

4. Best Online Writing Resources

Studying abroad is no doubt difficult but thanks to the online support of writing resources like Cheap Assignment Help to help students in completing their projects and students can easily work and study together. These resources are available for all subject students like Law Assignment Help work best for Law students and Nursing students can get professional help from Nursing Assignment Writing Service too.

5. Easier For Traveling

During long holidays, it’s time to travel to places that don’t exist in Indonesia. Not only in the country where you study, you can also more easily visit neighboring countries.

You can save even more because the cost is cheaper than from Indonesia. Apart from that, you also don’t need an additional visa.

6. Finding Friends Who Motivate and Inspire

You can find fellow Indonesian students through the Indonesian Student Association or PPI. Most students who study abroad have a high achievement background. Getting to know students who are full of achievements will motivate and inspire themselves to achieve the same achievement.

7. Have a Very Broad Connection

Not only students from Indonesia, you will also find friends from various other countries. That way, you will have a very wide connection from various parts of the world if you return to Indonesia. Your new friend can also become a new family due to the same ups and downs.

8. Try lots of new activities

There are many activities that you have never tried before. Trying new activities can provide an unforgettable experience. For example, like feeling snow every winter that does not exist in Indonesia and so forth.

 9. Getting More Knowledge

Studying in developed countries will help you find tons of rare books that are difficult to find. You can even access all available books and journals for free. In addition, by studying abroad you can also meet the best lecturers in their fields.

For example, if you want to study Japanese literature, it would be better if studied in Japan directly. That way you will get even more knowledge and experience.

10. Gaining Experience That Can Become a Selling Value

Not everyone has the opportunity to study abroad, so not everyone has the experience. The experience of studying abroad will be of added value when you apply for a job in Indonesia.

Not only the overseas degree that you offer, but also an independent personality, adaptable, and sociable.

11. Discovering new things

Studying abroad will make you realize that the world is very broad and does not only consist of Indonesia. This is a new experience, especially for those of you who have never been abroad. The culture and history of the country can also be very different from Indonesia.

12. You will Realize that Indonesia is still the Best

Although there are many interesting things that you will get in the destination country, but you will soon realize that Indonesia is still a beloved country. Studying abroad will make you have a more open mind and high tolerance.

You will be determined to immediately finish your studies and return to Indonesia to serve so that all knowledge gained is useful for the progress of our beloved nation.

Those are the 11 reasons why studying abroad is an ideal that must be nurtured and realized. Now there is no reason for you to stop trying to study abroad. There are various ways to study abroad, one of which is by joining a scholarship program.

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