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The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Anchor Text

Guest posting is the most effective way if we want to rank higher on search engines. But is it is half true that with the help of guest posting we are able to get a higher position in SERPs? Yes, it is authentic that we are able to rank higher with the help of guest posting however we come across half-truth we are able to rank higher with the help of the proper anchor textual content to your website.

Now we’re aware of the reality that anchor text is the critical component for the ranking and for penalization purposes but guest post accepting websites are also the main issue for rating. Their authority their relevancy and plenty of extra factors are having a notable aspect for rating purposes. But right here let’s dwell only about anchor text in guest posting purpose.

Brief Intro of Anchor Text

Anchor texts are those texts that are having a huge effect on ranking purposes. These texts offer a great signal to the search engine that the link placed on the articles is majorly associated with the text. As prior to 2011 many savvy marketers use cheap strategies by using the main key-word in their anchor text to certainly rank higher within the SERP. But after rolling of google’s first penguin update the ranking of many marketers wrecked after this comes in the role. Only internet marketers who are aware of this fact that the search engines give priority to optimized anchor text. To help you place anchor texts properly, it’s wise you have the proper link building tools that will increase your online visibility in order to make your website rank higher.

Here under I had cited the various types of anchor textual content and their uses.

Types of Anchor Text

1. Branded anchor textual content- These are those Anchor textual content which especially uses the brand calls as their anchor text.

2. Generic anchor textual content- Generic anchor texts are those text that is having words that are insisting someone to do something om the specific webpage it maybe like click right here, this link, soar to and many others.

3. Naked hyperlink- These are the links that are placed with no keywords that are special than others and are placed inside the internet weblog.

4. No anchor key-word- These are the hyperlinks that are located over the textual content as no phrase which is extra prevalent within the market.

5. Image anchor- These are the links that might be positioned over the picture by the manner of including the link inside the alt text.

6. Brand keywords- These are the keywords that are especially associated with a specific emblem in which these hyperlinks are positioned over it.

7. Keyword variation- This is a special shape of key-word which is extra prevalent within the SEO industry in which all the given key-word has relevancy in them.

8. Partial wholesome anchors- These are the ones key phrases that are hyperlinked with the primary keyphrases.

9. Exact anchor text- These are those anchor textual content that is having an exact fit anchor word in a blog post for which the publication is specially written for. These are very much helpful for the cause of gaining excessive effects.

After understanding the different styles of anchor text we are in a role to realize approximately the precise formulation which needs to be used for gaining a great result.

The best format of anchor text used for gaining the best results

As we’re aware of the reality that anchor text has a great relationship with its ranking and for getting extraordinary results we have to understand deeply to get top-notch outcomes. For having the satisfactory effects I had made 3 plans which should be used to get higher effects for having remarkably better results.

These are as follows-

 Plan A   Plan B   Plan C
70% of branded anchors As 40% naked links Naked links 10%
20% of naked links 30% generic Generic 10%
5% of generic keywords 25% partial and LSI Lsi partial match- 50%
<5% of partial match keyword 5% exact match Exact match 30%
<1% of exact match keyword

In the above mention plans, I had cited what sort of anchor textual content should be used in a guest post for a more excessive authority website you have to use generic keywords with the aggregate of partial suit key phrases and you must no longer use the exact fit as high authority websites have an amazing effect on the ranking factor. And if the website is belonging to a mediocre authority then you can use plan B which secured with a 5% exact fit. And if the website is underneath the mediocre stage or having low DA than you could use up to 30% of the precise matches.


In the above post, you’re able to recognize the usage of anchor text and the way it affects the ranking factor. So each time you are making plans for guest posting. You must consider these points while you are making plans for anchor textual content for no longer getting penalized.

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