The performance of email verification software

The Usage of Email Verification Software

Communication plays an important role in various spheres of our life. Commerce is no exception. One of the crucial forms of communication in modern marketing is considered to be emails. Gathering email addresses is an inevitable piece of work done by representatives of business. However, the quality of the collected data should be taken into account. Companies need to verify customers’ information, and in particular email addresses to maximize the effect of marketing campaigns.  We will look into the essence of email verification and the working of email verification software.

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What does Email Verification Mean?

The process of inspecting an email address for being real and valid is known as email verification. A valid email address can get messages from other people or companies. Email verification is intended to protect the achievement of your marketing goals. Typing mistakes, fake and temporary accounts are excluded from your email list as they may damage the deliverability rate and the sender reputation. It allows you to decrease the risk of getting your messages blocked or marked as spam because of the use of irrelevant information. Each email checker (single or bulk) involves several stages of the verification process.

Why Do We Need Email Verification and Email Deliverability Tests?

Every business should take actions which don’t damage their reputation. If a company runs an email marketing campaign, its employees need to implement email verification and email deliverability tests into their work. It is the key to securing your sender score which shows how your IP address is seen by mailbox providers. Sender score is the rate of the sending reputation. It aids ISPs to ascertain whether your messages deserve to get into inboxes or their only destination is the spam folder. The higher the score, the more likely your customers will view your messages. And on the contrary, messages from companies with a low score are typically sent to the spam folder and aren’t even opened.

Pay attention that irrelevant or misspelled email addresses hurt the sender reputation badly so it’s essential to have email verification done. You may take advantage of an email verification software on the platform Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. Its purpose is to aid any company to become a trustworthy sender and generate revenue within an email campaign.

Sender score and email deliverability are interrelated. Email deliverability is considered to be the ability to deliver messages to the inboxes of subscribers. A high sender score contributes to a better deliverability rate. And the high level of engagement of previous messages encourages better sender scores. It’s possible to keep an eye on deliverability via email deliverability checks.

The Significance of Email Validation

Here are some reasons why email verification is considered to be crucial for the sender score:

  • Avoid hard bounces which cause the reduction of a sender score. Bounces tend to happen when you send messages to invalid addresses which are just misspelled, closed or fake. That is why it’s necessary to keep your email list clean to determine non-existent emails and to get rid of them before you launch the next campaign.
  • Minimize the number of spam complaints. Less than 0.1% of complaint rate should be your purpose. This implies that it’s possible to have 5 complaints for every 5000 emails the company sends. To reach it, consider the quality of the data you send and the people who are keen on your content. There are certain tools to determine the email accounts who tend to mark your messages as spam. Apply email spam checker tools to secure yourself.
  • Prevent being blacklisted. Getting into a blacklist will damage the sender score and your messages are unlikely to be accepted by the server. If you want to avoid it, run an email verification regularly and gain information from reliable sources. The other way to minimize the risk of becoming blacklisted is to make use of an SPF record at It’s a type of email authorization whose objective is to stop phishing attacks. It allows you to determine who can send messages on the behalf of your domain. In such a case, the recipient may be sure that a message has been sent from an approved IP address.

What is the Mechanism of Email Verification?

The mechanism of email verification aims at keeping the mailing list clean to receive better results. It is quite easy and understandable, though it involves a set of methods and algorithms. At the end of the verification, inactive and irrelevant email addresses are marked and may be excluded from the list. Bear in mind that some systems let you check the whole list while others validate only a part. Eventually you possess a list of email addresses which are ready to be used and are likely to produce high performance.

You may benefit from the following strategies:

  • Examine your data sources. Take into account that not all sources are reliable. You need to evaluate the quality of the data the partners provide for you. Data brokers are not perfect partners as they may offer information which has been purchased before. Your subscribers won’t be engaged with such data.
  • Keep your list neat. Email validation should be applied in real time to eliminate poor quality leads. It aids you to get rid of misspellings and fake contact details which can harm your deliverability. Verifying leads at the outset lets you forestall fraudsters’ penetrating into your marketing list. Email lists should be cleaned every third month, at a minimum. It will boost your deliverability. Anyway, don’t ignore email deliverability checks.
  • Get rid of uninterested users. Look through your marketing list regularly in order to eliminate subscribers who show little interest in your content. If they haven’t opened your messages in the last three months, they should be removed.

Tips on Improving Email Verification

The basis of any successful marketing campaign is having a relevant list of prospects and customers. If your target users don’t receive your messages and newsletters, you waste your time and efforts. Email verification and email deliverability test allow you to ensure that your messages are received. There are some tips which should be followed in terms of email validation:  

  • Provide a verification email. Double opt-in is common among marketers as it offers a verification message which is sent to a new subscriber before he is included into the list.  It secures you against fake and misspelled addresses.
  • Clean email addresses during gathering, like lead magnets and contact capture forms.
  • Keep your database in order. Take into account that some email addresses may not be utilized anymore. That is why it’s necessary to check your list on a regular basis to get rid of such emails.
  • Uncover spam traps. Some people own special email addresses which are considered to be spam traps. They function to get messages that are of no interest for their owners. It’s essential to learn to detect them and adapt your content respectively.
  • Keep an eye on your database regularly. The bigger database you possess, the more significant it is to control it for any potential challenges.  

Steps of Email Validation Process

Email verification process includes the following steps:

  1. Check email address syntax.
  2. Check domains.
  3. Detect role-based accounts like sales@ or admin@ which may affect your deliverability unfavorably.
  4. Find dispensable emails which are applied just to register or subscribe.
  5. Identify spam traps and honeypots.

Email verification services are applied to maintain the security of email addresses. They aim at stating whether the emails belong to the people who use them. They may be based on three factors:

  • IP geolocation to verify that the IP address matches the place where the account is registered.
  • Domain to check whether the domain corresponds to what is on the account.
  • Phone number to control that it conforms to what is stated on the account.

Decide on the Suitable Email Validation Service

Selecting the appropriate email validation service is crucial to keep your list neat, increase the sender score and make the best of the marketing campaign. Bear in mind that the best service should meet most of your requirements and be characterized with a high precision rate in terms of identifying “malicious” email addresses.

While you choose a suitable email validation service, take into account the following features: its speed to verify a list and to present the result, GDPR compliance and the security of information, the way how to pass a list to the service, price which conforms to your budget.

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