The new feature in Nvidia’s latest software aims to keep audiences engaged

Nvidia released a new technology that works through Artificial Intelligence which scans people’s faces to reproduce their live image by staring into the lens of a broadcast camera. They hope this tool will be used by streamers and content creators who always seek to maintain contact with their audiences, as revealed by the company today.

This product seeks to meet the need for broadcasts in which creators attract the attention of their audiences at all times, which is usually achieved by interacting in a more personalized and attentive way, including never taking their eyes off the lens to simulate the illusion of being “seeing” directly at the viewer.

Also, since many platforms like Twitch reward streamers who record for the longest possible amounts of time, this tool can help disguise the appearance of fatigue or weariness after long streams.

It can help people with autism

Some users have begun to react to Nvidia’s new technology, stating that it could be helpful for content creators diagnosed with the autism spectrum and would have difficulty maintaining eye contact due to their condition.

However, other experts have described this new function as “creepy” and another example of how AI technologies are negatively transforming our relationship with the digital environment by supplanting facts with digital manipulations.

For now, this is a technical achievement that has web users amazed, as well as giving us an idea of ​​the type of options that will be available to us in the future to interact with the screen.

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