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The Future Prospects of Hotel Management

Hotel Management

A hotel manager is a term, generally used for a person who manages the operation of a hotel or other lodging-related establishment. Management of a hotel operation includes guest satisfaction, customer service, marketing management, financial accounting, and other functions. Hotel management is a challenging career with unprecedented situations coming up every day. The Indian hospitality sector is growing at Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14%, which makes this sector is the second-largest employer in the country after the IT sector. Hotel management provides employment opportunities to various unskilled and skilled workers. To get in the top colleges that provide a course in hotel management, you need to clear entrance examslike NCHMCT JEE.

There is a plethora of luxury hotel chains in India like Marriot, Leela, Taj, Oberoi, etc. Hotel management candidates are required in restaurants and fast-food chains as well. So, there are a lot of opportunities for hotel management graduates in India, andthe requirement for well-qualified people in this industry is larger than there is supply.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence or AI, if implemented in hotel management, make the process more efficient and hassle-free. But they lack the human aspect of creating positive experiences. A qualified manager, who has done hotel management from a renowned college through NCHMCT JEE,is much more likely to provide these experiences than a machine.

The best central hotel management colleges in India are IHMs or the Institute of Hotel Management in various cities like Delhi, Srinagar, Bhubaneshwar, etc.

There are also excellent Hotel Management institutes set-up by state governments like SIHM-Panipat, DIHM-Delhi, Dr.YSR National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management- Hyderabad, etc.

Private institutes like SRM Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh College of Hotel Management, Jodhpur Institute of Hotel Management, etc, also impart quality hotel management education.

All the institutes mentioned above take students via various Entrance Exams like NCHMCT JEE, AIMA UGAT, UPSEE BHMCT, Panjab University Tourism and Hospitality Aptitude Test, Oberoi- STEP, etc.So, if you want to do hotel management from a good institute, start preparing for these exams.

After Graduating in Hotel Management

After completing their undergraduate course in Hotel Management, students can pursue higher studies and then become teachers in hotel management institutes. Hotel managers often choose entrepreneurship and open their own hotels.Unlike taking a job at an established hotel, where you learn the processes in place and that is it, in opening your own hotel you are responsible for installing or even creating those processes. This gives you a complete experience of managing each aspect of the hotel, from menus to sanitization to marketing, you get to experience it all. Apart from hotels, graduates from hotel management have good opportunities in the healthcare sector, Airlines, railways, etc.

Freshers are generally hired as a management trainee. They might be given fields like Front Office operations, Meeting & Events Operations Management, Restaurant Operations, etc. The salary packages vary widely from hotel to hotel. In a three-star hotel, a fresher can expect to earn above Rs.12000- 20,000 monthly.

Future of Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry was the second-highest employer, second highest GDP creator, and second fastest growing industry in India. But after the COVID-19 outbreak, this industry is going to suffer a lot, even much more than other industries. The industry has faced mass cancellations and government rulings require hotels to return the full money to the people leading to major losses. It is expected that the industry will begin to get good cash inflows after November 2020 and by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, the industry will be back on its feet. Nowadays, some hotels are providing paid quarantine services. The occupancy rate is about 5-10% after the lockdown and that too comprises mainly of people not able to return to their homes due to the lockdown.

But conditions are going to improve once the coronavirus pandemic starts ending. There are going to be fresh jobs and to grab them you need to be the best. Prepare for and score well in the major Entrance Examsso that you get the best college and you get a good job. Humans have a wanderlust and trade also requires people to go to different places. The industry will be back on track eventually.

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