Tactics To Build Soccer Goals For Kids At Home

Soccer is an interesting and fun-loving game; kids love to play in the summer time. Whether you want to prepare your kid like a professional soccer player or just give a space to have quality family time. Soccer goals for kids are an interesting family activity. You can build one at home by using simple tools and follow simple steps. Building a soccer goal at home provide a fun-loving source of family engagement by organizing and combining the parts. You can construct it into your house backyard and get the advantage of the house arena. It is cost-effective as well and can be assembled by using things usually available at home.

Material Required For Soccer Goal

To build the soccer goals for kids you can have your desired dimensions and use house available material. Here is the list of material and equipment that is required to create a soccer goal:

  • 4 – PVC pipe (equal dimension)
  • Pipe cutting for elbow and tees
  • Cement
  • Cutter for the pipe cutting
  • Measuring tape
  • Netting
  • Highlighter for marking
  • Scissor

How To Make Soccer Goal At Home?

The alignment and arrangement of the pipes to make a soccer goal do not take so long, it consists of simple steps you can do by engaging the kids into this activity. Read more here.

Step 1: Measurement of Pieces

First of all, use the measuring tape and record the right measurement on the PVC pipe. After measurement mark the size with the help of the highlighter so that it makes cutting easy. you need two sections of 5 foot, two sections of 4 foot, four sections of 3 foot and four sections of 1 foot respectively.

Step 2: Cutting of PVC

After marking the right size, now move towards the cutting of the respective sections with the help of a hacksaw. Put the pipe on a table and start cutting with little strike and then a fast stroke. Cut the all 12 sections one by one and after cutting smooth the edges of the pipe by rubbing down.

Step 3: Assembling

When you are done with the cutting, it is time to move for the assembling of the pieces together. First of all, joint the base, then move towards top and after that rest of the joints includes elbow and tees. Make sure that all pieces are combined correctly. Do not use the glue while joining the pipe, make a dry frame first of your soccer goals for kids. 

Step 4: Gluing Pieces Together

When the dry frame set well then mark the joints correctly with the help of highlighter. This makes it easy for you to glue them and put them back together in an organized form. You can use glue of PVC cement as well for joining the pieces together permanently. One by one puts the cement on the piece and joins them together, it takes a few minutes to set down so you have to do the job quickly by streamlining the frame before pasting. After pasting leave the frame for a time so it will be set and dry well.

Step 5: Prepare for Netting

You can use the deer netting for the soccer goals for kids. Unroll the net and measure the size to cover the back and sides of the frame. When you are done with the size and go for the cutting leave some extra inches to bind it around the pipe.

Step 6: Attach The Net With Frame

Wrap the net around the frame well and leave it a bit lose, because it will help to catch the soccer ball. Tie the net around the soccer frame by using zip ties.

Final Words!

By following simple steps your soccer goals for kids are ready to use. This is light in weight that makes it easy to carry out and place anywhere in the house. It will provide an unbelievable training and playing experience for your children on weekends and in the summer time.

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