Send 3000 Dalasi Or More To The Gambia Via ACE Money Transfer And Receive Through Yonna Forex To Get 500ml Cooking Oil For Free.

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ACE Money Transfer is back yet again with another exciting campaign that is meant to benefit families and friends of the Gambina migrants who send money to Gambia from abroad to support their families financially. The recipients in the Gambia will win a free 500ml cooking oil bottle on every 3000 Dalasi or more remittance.

Although the focus of this exciting campaign is on the Gambian migrants but those residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland alone will benefit from this campaign.

It is not that these migrants will directly benefit from this current campaign, but what they do to transfer their remittances back home will benefit the recipients of the funds.

These recipients, of course, are the remitters’ family members; therefore, indirectly, it will benefit the remitters too.

Continue reading to learn about the exciting details.

Understanding This Current Campaign

The Gambian migrants living in the listed countries above are required to send remittances to their families in the Gambia through ACE Money Transfer to Yonna Forex branches.

This is the basic condition to ensure their participation in the campaign and must be within the campaign duration.

In addition to that, the amount that will make them eligible to take part in the campaign is GMD 3,000/- or more.

Any amount less than that will not qualify for the campaign.

Duration Of The Campaign

This campaign starts at the start of the month of Ramadan (1st Ramadan) and will last till the end of the holy month. So, the Gambian migrants have 29 or 30 days to make transfers and help recipients in the Gambia to get exciting Ramadan gifts.

Details Of The Prizes

Given that the campaign is arranged around the holy month of fasting, the prize that is added to the campaign is cooking oil.

Its utility in this holy month is well-established and needs no further explanation. However, the oil is available in 500ml bottles that the recipients will get with each transaction and every collection of the funds from Yonna Forex in the Gambia.

The Best Part Of The Campaign

In most of the campaigns doling out different prizes, the number of prizes or the items the participants vie with each other for getting are limited.

But this is not so in this current campaign.

The recipients can get as many bottles of oil, 500ml each, as they can as one bottle is integrated into one transfer of GMD 3,000/- or more.

So, it depends completely on the Gambian migrants in the listed countries to make several transfers and help their family members to get a maximum number of bottles of cooking oil.

On the flip side of this, going to the offices of Yonna Forex daily will be fatigue for the recipients. Right? But are not the awards worth the effort, given the financial woes large swathes of the Gambians face?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious.

And remember that you will not get only one bottle of 500ml. Several bottles of this quantity put together, at the end of the day, will be a big cut in your ration budget.

Learn all you must about this campaign’s ToRs HERE.

An Essential Trick To Get Many Bottles Of Oil

The campaign lasts about 29 or 30 days. If the Gambian expatriates send the stipulated amount daily to Yonna Forex in the Gambia through ACE Money Transfer, the recipients will get one bottle of oil each time they go to Yonna Forex to collect funds.

And after all, there is no use making several transfers in one single day as it will not help both the remitters and the recipients, as several transfers in one day will be counted as one and will allow the recipient to get one bottle only.

Partnering With Yonna Forex – The Reason

While designing the campaign, the company had in its focus the small challenges the recipients will have to face, particularly the commuting challenge.

Therefore, the company joined hands with one of the biggest remittance service providers in the Gambia, Yonna Forex.

This institution has about 52 branches across the country, and all of the branches of Yonna Forex are located near all the places of residence. It will make commuting, daily or otherwise, to any of the 52 branches of the institution pretty easy and largely cost-effective in case commuting requires spending.

Therefore, the recipients shall not worry about this particular part of the campaign.

Sending GMD 3,000/- Or More Daily – convenience Or Challenge

It is in no way a challenge for the Gambian migrants to manage to send this small amount daily. Do you know why?

Well, for the simple reason that this amount is in the local currency, they will send money in the local currencies of the countries listed above. And every developed country’s currency is, of course, stronger than the Gambia’s.

Therefore, from the UK, for example, they might send a few Pounds to Yonna Forex through ACE Money Transfer. Still, this amount will indeed translate into larger amounts after being converted into the Gambia’s local currency.

Focusing The Gambia – Quick Reasons

A few reasons for facilitating Gambia are glanced at below.

Small Diaspora

USAID said that the Gambia has a total population of a little over 2 million whose 10th works abroad as migrants.

Limited Remittances

The Central Bank of the Gambia (CBG) revealed that the Gambia diaspora sent $712 million as remittances in 2022.

Gambian Economy

  • The World Bank reported that the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Gambia in 2021 was $2.04 billion.
  • Another World Bank report said that the GDP per capita income of the Gambia in 2021 was $772.2.

The focus is on the Gambia to help its poorer segments financially during the holy month.

ACE Money Transfer – Helping Remittances Holistically

There is nothing in this campaign that is required to get oil bottles. Migrants send remittances already. So, throw them in ACE Money Transfer’s and Yonna Forex’s way, follow the simple steps explained above and help your family in Gambia get oil bottles freely now!

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