New Samsung Galaxy Watch6 would come with batteries than the Galaxy Watch5

The good weather is here, and with it the possibility of showing off our technological devices such as smart watches, and Samsung is preparing to launch a new iteration of the Galaxy Watch who could be one of the stars of the second section of the year.

The watch The Samsung smartphone could be very close to being revealed for its launch in the second installment of 2023, in a new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 that will arrive with a multitude of new features, and the battery sizes would have already been revealed according to a recent certification in Porcelain.

The galaxy6 watch series It will have two models, the standard model and also the Classic, but depending on the size of the sphere, we will have four models in total, two for each of the variants.

As reported by Gizmochina, the Galaxy Watch Series6 will be offered in 40mm and 44mm sizes. The battery capacity will be 300 mAh for the smallest model and 350 mAh for the largest model.

To serve as a comparison, it must be remembered that the current watch has 284 mAh in the 40mm and 340 mAh in the 44mm.

Details of the classic model have also been leaked

As for the Galaxy Watch Series 6 Classic, it would come in 42mm and 46mm sizes, the smaller version would have a 330mAh battery while the larger version would have a 400mAh battery.

Regarding the current models, we have 247 mAh batteries for the smallest model and 340 mAh for the largest model.

If this information is fulfilled, Samsung would be looking to extend the useful life of the battery in its Smart Watches or that they will last exactly the same as the current ones by including new health functions.

According to previous speculation, the Galaxy Watch 6 would have a glass screen with Corning Gorilla Glass DX protection, be made of titanium or stainless steel, come in a multitude of colors, and support a variety of health monitoring capabilities, in addition to a hypothetical kickstand.

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