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How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Android SD Card for Free?

Bygones are the times when the deleted data was lost forever and the user could not get it back no matter what he or she did. Unlike those times, today, we have the privilege to recover deleted or even lost data. There are various methods that suit different kinds of data loss situations that are required to be considered before the user could start recovering it.

For example, if there is a data loss from an Android SD Card, one needs to know the reason for the data before the data recovery process can start. It could be a virus infection or corruption of some file extensions, such logical issues lead to data which the user can recover deleted videos from Android Android SD Card for free.

This article will cover the most common methods used to recover video files from the Android SD Card including a great free data recovery software that can not only recover such videos but various other kinds of files too.

Methods to recover video files from the Android SD Card for free

  1. Recover the videos from the backup system

Every user keeps a data backup of the essential data such as these videos and this backup of the data can come as a life savior in the times of accidental deletion of the videos. The user can simply connect the backup system to the computer system and copy and paste the required videos in the desired location.

However, if there has been no backup of the data created in the past, then it is not possible to use this method to recover deleted videos from an android Android SD Card as it requires planning in advance.

       2. Recover the videos from the origin

The videos must have been shot using a camera or sent to the user via a medium that could be traced and used to recover videos.

  1. If the videos were shot on a video recorder, then the user can easily connect that video recorder to the computer system and recover the deleted videos using the videos stored in the device.
  2. If the videos were shared with the user using a medium, then the user can retrieve the video from there such as:

a. If it was sent via an email, then the user can recover the videos from the email.

b. If it was sent from a friend, then the user can ask the friend to provide a fresh copy of the last data.

       3. Recover the videos using a free data recovery software

If no other method could help recover deleted files including videos from SD card, it is time to take help from a good DIY software such as Stellar Data Recovery Software. Such software is claimed to be working very efficiently, and it is extremely easy to use. Here are the steps which will guide the user through the process of data recovery using free Android Android SD Card recovery software:

  • Download and install the free Stellar Data Recovery Software.
  • Connect the Android SD Card with the computer system and run the software.
  • From the Select what to recover interface select deleted videos to be recovered.
  • Now from the next interface select Android SD Card as the location where the software is supposed to scan for recoverable files.
  • Select ‘Deep Scan’ and click on the Scan button to start the scanning process.
  • The software will create a list of all the recoverable files in the selected location which is required to be reviewed by the user.
  • Select videos you want back and click on the Recover button to let the software start the recovery process.
  • Finish the process by selecting the new location for the data and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Tips to prevent data loss in future

As one can not predict when a severe situation of data loss can occur, it is really important for everyone to take precautions beforehand. Here are some tips which are sure to help the user to shield against in times of data loss:

  1. Always keep a backup file of the important data stored in an Android SD Card.
  2. Do not delete such videos from the camera until the entire work is complete.
  3. Make it a point to upload the personal photos and videos from the Android SD Card onto Google Drive.
  4. Whenever deleting a video from the Android SD Card, make sure you check it twice for any errors in the selection of the file.
  5. Do not format the Android SD Cards without checking for the data in its storage space.
  6. Purchase the license for the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows.


Every deleted data is a unique case, and it could be solved using any of the above-mentioned methods. The only thing you must not do is to give up on recovering the data as Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows along with hundreds of other DIY software by Stellar will always have your back.

Stellar Data Recovery Software is free software that could be easily downloaded for free, and it could help you recover upto 1 GB of the deleted data for free. Post that, you can easily get the license for the same software at a very nominal price.

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