The Reasons to Start an Ecommerce Business in 2022

Do you feel like you’ve missed the ecommerce boat? It’s easy to feel that way in 2022. Online retailers have been setting up shop since the 90s, which means there are businesses out there that have decades of experience over you already.

It’s true: trying to gain a foothold in the ecommerce market is not as easy as it was previously. The market is saturated across all industries, and there’s not enough room for every business to survive – let alone thrive. However, that doesn’t mean the door is shut on your dream to operate an online business.

If you have the drive, right ideas, and business nous, there’s every chance of succeeding with an ecommerce business in 2022. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should start an online store.

There are more tools available than ever before

The market is saturated, yes, but it has never been easier to get your ecommerce business up and running. This is thanks to the endless selection of tools available. Have you never designed a website before? No problem – platforms like Squarespace make it effortless to put together a professional site in minutes.

That’s only scratching the surface. You’ll find software that can assist with pretty much every business function. Communication, security, marketing, automating tasks, collaboration, accounting – you think it, and there’s going to be some form of technology out there that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Shipping on the cheap

If the plan is to sell physical products and distribute these across the country and even into international territories, a big concern for your ecommerce plans will undoubtedly revolve around shipping.

You want to generate the biggest possible profit margins from each product sale. Yet when you add shipping costs into the mix, it’s not uncommon for a big chunk of the profit to disappear without a trace. You could pass the shipping expense directly onto the customer, but this increase in price might convince them to skip completing the purchase.

The good news is that shipping large items and deliveries has never been cheaper through current technology and the Shiply platform. Take their truck freight shipping as an example; with truck freight shipping, it’s possible to grab the attention of local delivery companies and hire an entire truck to transport your goods. The best part: this can often be done at a rate 75% cheaper than the norm.

You can still break the marketing stronghold

It might seem impossible to topple major businesses that have many years of marketing experience under their belts. They have been continually refining their strategy and injecting large sums of cash into their efforts. So how can you arrive, start promoting your store, and hope to topple the major players in your industry?

Well, it’s not quite the impossible task it may initially seem. Take search engine optimization (SEO) as an example. Google’s SEO algorithm is constantly changing, leading to opportunities and gaps you can exploit. Plus, a company that has been doing SEO for years could have developed bad habits, the type you won’t have when starting fresh.

Furthermore, SEO is only one part of the huge online marketing sphere. Ads, social media, live video – all of these (and more) can deliver instant visibility to your business if used correctly.

Online shopping shows no signs of slowing down

It’s clear that online shopping isn’t a fad. It has been going strong for close to 30 years at this stage. In fact, it continues to skyrocket in popularity. According to research conducted by Statista, worldwide ecommerce sales in 2014 were $1,336 billion. In 2021, just seven years later, this had jumped up to an incredible $4,938 billion.

This shows there’s still enough scope for you to join the ecommerce party. Your target market is only growing, which means there are more people out there who’d be interested in shopping at your store.

Of course, a lot of work is required on your part to take a slice of this market for yourself. What this does show, however, is that the customers are there and ready to visit your ecommerce store – you just need to be visible and in a presentable state.

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