Epic Games Introduces RealityScan App for iOS and Android Users

Epic Games, the renowned game developer, has recently unveiled its RealityScan app, powered by augmented reality (AR), specifically designed for iPhone users in December 2022. This free-to-download, photogrammetry app allows smartphone and tablet users to create high-fidelity 3D models by utilizing multiple images of objects captured through their devices. Epic Games announced that its RealityScan app can now be accessed by both Android and iPhone users. The app also grants users the ability to export these 3D models onto Sketchfab, enabling easy sharing with others.

Expanding Reach to Android Users

Android users can now access the RealityScan app if their device supports ARCore and runs on Android 7 or newer. To use the app, iPhone and iPad users need to update their devices to iOS 16 or a newer version.

Updates to the RealityScan App

Epic Games has introduced several updates to enhance the functionality of the RealityScan app. The updated version makes scanning easier by enabling users to quickly find and delete unconnected images from their project library. Additionally, the latest version incorporates an embedded Sketchfab viewer tool, which assists users in directly previewing the final model from the project library, mirroring what it would look like on Sketchfab.

Name and Detail Editing

Users can now add and edit names and details for their projects, which will automatically synchronize with Sketchfab. Epic Games claims that the RealityScan app received over 200,000 downloads on iOS following its rollout for iPhone users in 2022. The community has uploaded thousands of models to Sketchfab since then.


Epic Games’ RealityScan app is now available for iOS and Android platforms, which is a significant achievement for the augmented reality industry. With its user-friendly interface, improved scanning process, and seamless integration with Sketchfab, the app provides a powerful tool for users to create high-quality 3D models from everyday objects. As the app continues to evolve, we can expect to see further advancements in augmented reality technology and increased user engagement within the creative community.

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