The era when we turned to family and online friends for beauty affirmations is in the past. Today, myriad online platforms promise scientific evaluation of one’s allure. stands out among them, offering an intriguing approach by assessing facial symmetry to juxtapose your features against perceived ideal standards for men and women.

In our contemporary society, where most yearn to be perceived as the most captivating amongst peers, the quest for external validation grows. This craving for affirmation, in a world rife with emotional vulnerabilities and the pressure to be ‘liked’, is palpable.

Ironically, while the anthem of our times is self-appreciation, the pull towards platforms like reveals a contrary narrative. Their soaring popularity might be indicative of the heightened self-awareness and introspection rampant today.

But, should an algorithm be the compass guiding your perception of beauty? Ponder upon the insights in this piece before leaping into the digital judgment zone.

It’s imperative to arm oneself with comprehensive knowledge before diving into any online portal. Thus, this article endeavors to shed light on the merits, potential pitfalls, and relevance of such websites in today’s context.

What Is Prettyscale?, with its American origins, has steadily climbed the ranks of online popularity over the years. This advanced platform provides a metric to gauge your aesthetic appeal, grading you on a spectrum from 1 to 100.

The website caters to both facial and physique assessments through its face and body tests. Its core functionality is driven by a beauty computation system that evaluates the charm of your visage and silhouette.

Delving into the intricacies of facial structures, Prettyscale determines beauty by scrutinizing the alignment and proportions of distinct facial elements. Key considerations in the algorithm include facial balance, lip dimensions, the spacing between eyes and mouth, and the overall contour of the face.

How To Take The Prettyscale Test?

Using is intuitive: just upload a selfie and adjust as guided. Below are the detailed steps to navigate the test:

1: Launch your browser and enter ‘Prettyscale’ in the search bar, or simply click on this provided link.

2: Choose your desired analysis, be it the face evaluation or the body assessment.

3: Next, indicate your gender and then upload an image. Alternatively, you can capture a photo directly on the site.

prettyscale gender

4: Follow the guidelines beneath your image to align the given measuring tool. As a visual reference, I’ve used an image of the renowned Scarlett Johansson.

prettyscale 2

After finalizing the alignments, you’ll receive the results. Examine the breakdown of your features and the concluding percentage to understand the test’s verdict.

prettyscale final

Pros and Cons of Prettyscale Test


  • It uplifts the confidence of individuals grappling with insecurities.
  • The Prettyscale platform is accessible at no cost.
  • Your uploaded images are neither retained nor misused.
  • Simply complete a form to reach out with your inquiries.


  • The website’s layout is unpretentious.
  • Some individuals might experience diminished self-worth or be disheartened by unexpected results.
  • Its outcomes can vary unpredictably.
  • Algorithms aren’t inherently scientific.
  • It reinforces conventional notions of beauty.

User Feedback

Understanding user experiences is key to gauging a website’s efficacy. Hence, I delved into feedback and unearthed mixed reactions. The website’s measuring metric and inconsistent results didn’t resonate well with many. Across the digital realm, applause for the platform is sparse.

A Google patron mentioned, “After taking two identically-lit photos and ensuring meticulous alignment, I was baffled. My first score stood at 95%, while the second plummeted to 53%. An evident inconsistency.”

Mlc2289 shared on Reddit:

At 30, my initial thought was, “This site seems dubious.” Yet, echoes of my teenage insecurities persisted, and soon I was uploading photos. My experiment showcased varied scores – from a flattering 93% to a moderate 70%. It momentarily flattered my self-worth until the realization dawned that I might have been duped by the site’s mechanics.

Final Thoughts

In summary, view the website as a lighthearted gauge of beauty, meant more for amusement than precision. The reliability of its beauty or otherwise estimations, grounded on its set criteria, remains dubious.

The site itself cautions those with fragile self-confidence against using its features, a potent warning sign.

Our suggestion? Engage with it in a spirit of jest, refraining from letting its results define your self-worth. Inner beauty trumps external allure any day. Whenever doubts cloud your perception, let this thought by Confucius anchor you.