Power Dressing for CEOs

There is a different expectation when it comes to CEOs. When you’re the woman at the top, you need to dress the part no matter where you go. Your career will take you to a variety of business and social functions and that means that you’ll need to dress up. 

The importance of dressing for the occasion cannot be understated. It can mean the difference between losing the deal or sealing it. Being a CEO is no small task, and it’s critical to dress the part not only when you’re on the way up the corporate ladder, but also when you get there. Here are some of the most important pieces you’ll need in your wardrobe when you’re the CEO.

The Little Black Dress

You need one in your wardrobe. Whether you end up at a black tie benefit for a charity that your company supports or a dinner party for a client, a little black dress is one of those power outfits that every female CEO needs in her wardrobe. It’s perfect for events big and small. It’s not too flashy, but they can be elegant, beautiful and understated. You don’t want your clothes to draw too much attention when you’re running the show, which is why a little black dress works so well. Dress it up with diamond estate jewelry like earrings, rings, or necklaces or go for something simple like a rose gold chain with a small pendant. It’s easy to adjust your accessories for the venue and the event. 

Invest in Tailored Suits

Tailored suits must be part of your business wardrobe. As women, it’s important to use clothing to help project power and confidence, while still looking like you’re wearing clothes made for women. This means investing in tailored suits that fit you perfectly. You don’t want something too tight but you also don’t want something baggy. Baggy clothes, even nice ones, give a sloppy impression and that will cause people to look at you differently and not in a good way. A sloppy CEO is seen as incompetent, and you don’t want to give that impression. 

Stand Tall WIth Heels

Heels help you stand tall and cause you to have a posture that automatically portrays confidence. Whether you go for a pair of black heels or a sparkly pair of Christian Louboutin ones, heels are those power shoes made for CEOs. You can add some personality by wearing a variety of different heels in colors you love. Some women choose to wear the fun statement pieces at the office, and select something more subdued for client meetings. Either way, you need heels in your closet. 

Classic Timepiece

A watch is a functional piece of jewelry that will help you get places on time. There is something powerful about a CEO wearing a watch that gives the impression that time is valuable. And if you are in a meeting with this CEO, the time spent with them should be productive. Find a vintage watch or perhaps something you like from Cartier or Rolex. 


Your hair should look neat and styled, no matter how you wear it. If you have curls, make sure they look nice. Keep your ends trimmed so that your hair doesn’t appear frizzy. Straight hair should look smooth and effortless. Short hair should be styled and not look like you have a bed head and just rolled in out of your bed. In some cases, a sleek ponytail or a low bun are the perfect power CEO styling options. 

Blouses to Mix and Match With Your Suits

Whether you have pantsuits or ones with pencil skirts, your wardrobe needs to have blouses that fit you well. They should not be too tight so that the buttons look like they will pop off and they should not be so baggy that you look like you’re wearing your mom’s clothing. Blouses should feel easy, modern, and simple. When paired with the right jewelry, these tops will help frame your face. And depending on what industry you are a CEO in, low cut may or may not be the best choice. As the CEO, only you can decide which direction to go in with your power dressing.

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