What are the basic requirements and eligibility criteria for PMP certification?


PMP certification is one of the difficult examinations which are the main reason that candidates need to be very much prepared about the whole process and be clear about the eligibility as well. The eligibility of this particular certification will always depend upon the educational qualifications and work experience possessed by the people and normally a secondary degree is considered to be the minimum educational eligibility required to appear in such exams. Application for the exam will never guarantee success which is the main reason that aspirants also need to pay proper attention to the PMP training, education and several other kinds of related aspects in both theoretical as well as practical ways.

 Following is the comprehensive eligibility criteria for the PMP certification:

 The PMP certification Eligibility criteria have been explained as follows:
  • The people should have a secondary degree
  • The candidate should have 7500 hours of leading and directing the projects
  • The candidate should have 35 hours of product management education
 Or if the candidate has the four years bachelors’ degree then the criteria will be:
  • The candidate should have four years of degree
  • The candidate should have 4500 hours of leading and directing the projects
  • Candidate should also have 35 hours of project management education.

The very basic difference between both of the above-mentioned criteria will be in the cases of leading and directing the projects and hours associated with them.

 The requirements to fulfil this particular eligibility are explained as follows:
  1. Education requirements: The project manager must be well versed with reading, writing and preparation of the reports along with several other kinds of beneficial decisions. Educational criteria for this particular certification will be four years or three years degree which can be into any kind of discipline.
  2. Experience requirements: The project manager will be responsible for successfully initiating the project and they must also pay proper attention to the Designing, planning, execution, controlling and closure of the project and they must be having the capability of understanding the responsibility along with leadership and managerial skills. To further meet these particular criteria the people need to have at least 7500 hours of experience in leading in directing the projects if the person has a secondary degree and on the other hand if the individual has a bachelors degree of four years then the hours condition will come down to 4500 hours.
  3. The training requirements: Getting this particular type of certification is not a very easy task and in addition to these people need to have 35 hours of project management experience along with education based upon working on live projects and the individuals also need to have at least 60 professional development units. This particular type of training can be easily obtained from the education provider which is registered under PMI or any other kind of institute as well.

Hence, being clear about the eligibility criteria associated with PMP certification Hyderabad is very much important so that people can fulfil them and achieve the overall goals of getting PMP certification.

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