Located on Madras Road in Bangalore, Farmhouse Social is the most loved wedding venue in the city. It can be an ideal place to host your wedding events and reception party. The venue offers a range of coziness and lush greenery, surrounded by vibrant and tropical plants. This adds a natural vibe and excitement to your wedding.

Couples often look for a venue that offers a wide range of decor options, easy arrangements and good management.

In the following post, we will look forward to exploring wedding ideas to implement while organizing your wedding at Farmhouse Social in Bangalore.

Know the Venue

The venue is designed to provide comfortable arrangements for Indian weddings. With a blend of modernity and cultural edge, the venue leaves a remarkable impression on the guests. Be it intimate wedding gatherings or related events like cocktail parties, mehendi, haldi, and other functions, the venue is perfect with its relaxed atmosphere. This area is perfect for intimate gatherings and wedding purposes. They are committed to creating a magical and jaw-droppingly memorable experience on your wedding day. 

The venue offers two unique and versatile spaces for a range of events and you can choose the space according to your preferences and budget.

Farmhouse Collective is their spacious lounge, which has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 300–350 guests. The lush greenery and decoration of the area will excite your guests to click on their pictures and videos and create a memorable experience.

Facilities at the Farmhouse Collective Space

  • They are providing a lawn area for guest sitting arrangements, two halls for the dining area, a courtyard, and two kitchens for caterers.
  • Maintenance staff and other members are completely dedicated to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness during and after the event.
  • Decor, catering, and lighting vendors will advise you according to your preferences and choices. They will help you throughout the decoration process and take care of every minute detail.
  • Parking is available for 110- and 4-wheelers.
  • There are two luxurious air-conditioned rooms for guests.

Farmhouse Collective Backyard is another space that has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 70 guests at a time. This can be perfect for small functions where a limited number of guests are invited. This cozy section is completely decorated with modern interiors that complement all the events and occasions.

Facilities at the Farmhouse Collective Backyard

  • A lawn area with a dining setting, 70-guest seating arrangements, kitchen service, and a sound system with microphones is perfect for sangeet and reception parties.
  • Our in-house staff is completely dedicated to ensuring everything is up to date during your event.
  • Vendors will advise you on lighting, decor, and catering services.
  • 35 spaces for a four-wheeler.
  • Two single-room cottages with AC.

Plan your wedding

After making a choice of venue, the next step is to plan your wedding according to your vision. This comes with a lot of pre-planning, responsibilities and other queues to make sure that your wedding day comes out to be the most special day in your life and it leaves remarkable memories behind. Here are some wedding ideas to plan your wedding at Farmhouse Social, Bangalore.

  • Traditional Wedding

Plan your traditional wedding ceremony at Farmhouse Social with a vibrant color scheme, a royal touch, traditional cuisines, and sweets, and include traditional decor according to the culture you are choosing to embed in your wedding. The festive vibe can be created through the folk dances and cultural performances between the ceremonies. What can be more exciting and attractive than hosting a wedding that introduces your roots and cultures to your guests and visitors? Create a magical vibrancy in your wedding ceremony to cherish it for a lifetime.

  • Choose a Theme

Theme weddings are the new trend for wedding ceremonies. It allows you to create a fantastic trip inspired by your hobbies, passions, or fantasies on your special day. It will create a unique and individualized experience. The options are unlimited, whether you want to go with a glamorous Hollywood theme, a tropical paradise, a whimsical fantasy setting, or an event with vintage inspiration.

You may recreate the allure of a bygone period for a vintage-themed wedding by using antique decor, retro clothing, and timeless musical choices. Consider using classic accents, delicate pastel colors, and lace decorations to create a romantic atmosphere that transports you back to a bygone age.

On the other hand, a wedding with a fairytale theme immerses guests in a wonderful world of enchantment and wonder. Every element, from enchanted woodland décor to ball costumes a la Cinderella, has been thoughtfully chosen to capture the romance and whimsy of well-loved fairy tales.

  • Musical Wedding

Musical wedding planning can be a great and distinctive idea to implement. It infuses joy into every aspect and it can be an unforgettable experience for a couple and guests. Every element of a musical wedding is enhanced by the joy of music, which fosters a melodic and peaceful atmosphere. During live performances, music can create the atmosphere for an unforgettable occasion. It can be through specially selected playlists for the reception or live acts. 

For important events like the first dance and cake-cutting, couples can select their favorite songs to represent their individual love stories and musical preferences. The ability of music to unite people and create priceless memories that linger long after the final note goes away is evident in everything from a string quartet serenading guests during cocktails to a live band putting everyone on the dance floor and a DJ spinning tunes into the night.

Concluding Remarks!

Planning a wedding and executing it according to your vision and imagination is an art and it takes a lot of dedication. Professional event planners understand the needs and vision of the couple and plan their wedding day exactly as they want it to be. Better Half is highly promoting such collaborators and wedding planners. Also, you can find your ideal wedding venue and related wedding ideas on their website. Reach them and plan your wedding!