Pitney Bowes: An alternative to Notifii

Let’s start by accepting the fact that both these software solutions are designed for the same business need.That is to bring efficiency into mail and package management operations. But let’s hunt down the finest details of Pitney Bowes that makes it the customer’s first choice.

Why Use Pitney Bowes For Your Business Instead of Notifii?

While Pitney Bowes and Notifii both let the clients track their mails and packages, Pitney Bowes offers much more than just tracking. Before we jump to make a comparison, let me tell you what both these applications are designed to do.

As the name suggests,Notifii keeps everyone notified at all times and serves as the communication hub. This means that mail and package recipients can always track their items through the Notifii applications.Notifii offers individuals to book and manage company assets.

Where as, Pitney Bowes provides a combination of services for mail and parcel deliveries. Besides parcel tracking and automated notifications it carries out mail handling services as well. This means Pitney Bowes can collect your mail, sort it out and induct it. Moreover, Newgistics is also a part of Pitney Bowes now which is a  parcel tracking solution.

How Pitney Bowes Beats Notifii

Now let us move on and take a run down of what both these software solutions can offer.

1. Consumer Connect

Pitney Bowes offers this feature, which is an extension of the tracking feature. So, senders can connect with the recipients throughout the journey of their package. It also enhances the return process of the packages.

Consumer connect is a good opportunity for retailers to provide a better customer service to the shoppers. Due to the constant connection, they can use their platform to drive sales while retaining customers.

While Notifii-Track lets you track packages, it does not let you communicate with the client throughout the journey.

2. Smart Lockers

Then comes the Smart Lockers feature which the need of the hour. During this pandemic, you can use smart lockers to let you recipients pick up their orders without contact.Pitney Bowes provides safety for both recipients and the mailroom operators.

The lockers also reduce porch theft as the packages are securely locked and it can be accessed with barcodes.Once the packages are stored in the locker, an automated notification is sent to the recipient with a barcode. So, you get to improve the customer experience.

Though Notifii lets you send out staggered pick-up times, the packages still have to be collected from the desk through a staff member.

3. 24/7 Delivery

This feature also provides you with a 24/7 pick-up service. As the recipient has a barcode on their phone, they can simply scan the code at the locker to get their package. This could be done any time of the day eliminating the need to visit in office hours.

With Notifii, you do not have a 24/7 option to collect your packages. As the package has to be collected from a staff member at the desk, you need to visit in working hours.

4. Mitigate Risk

You can mitigate the risks of package getting lost or stolen with the secure locker systems.As the package can be tracked throughout its journey, it was unlikely that it gets misplaced.

Even though Notifii reduces the risk of losing a parcel too with the tracking feature, parcels can still get lost and misplaced in crowded mailrooms.

5. Organized Mailroom

As packages are stored in lockers until they are picked up, it reduces the clutter in the mailroom. In addition, as it is a self pick-up service, there are no queues or chaos at the desk.

However, Notifii does not offer locker systems; thus, the packages are piled up in the mailroom which can create quite a chaos.

6. Notifications

The notification feature is a part of the Connect application by Notifiii. With Connect, Notifii works as a communication hub and has a widespread requirement across different industries where sending out notifications is an essential part of the business.

Similarly, Pitney Bowes allows us to send out automated notifications to mail recipients.

Why are Mailroom Managers Prefer Pitney Bowes?

Organizations prefer Pitney Bowes for the customization that they offer to its customers. Here are some unique features ofPitney Bowes that makes it the first choice of mailroom operators.

  1. Pitney Bowes provides flexible locker options to suit your need. The locker volume can be increased as the requirement changes.Besides the uniqueness of the smart lockers, the flexibility gives an added advantage to this software.
  2. Their service colors can be customized to suit your brand theme and the aesthetics of your location. Thus, you can get a service tailored to your needs thus helping you in keeping your brand reputation intact.
  3. Newgisticsmonitors parcel movement with the help of a tracking ID and provides details of all the packages along.
  4. Integration with current systems can be a major issue because it can be a huge hindrance to get the best of the application. However, Pitney Bowes provides seamless software integration, thus making it easy to implement it into your system.
  5. Due to the automation and smart lockers, you can save on operational costs by eliminating the staff needs for manual mail handling. Moreover, as errors are reduced due to automated mail handling, you can reduce the associated cost as well.


Considering the client benefits and the support that mailroom managers can have using Pitney Bowes, get the software and make mail-handling process stress-free for all.  Let the software  streamline your mailroom operations and make your manager’s life easy.

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