Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watches’ Distinctive Features

We all know that Patek Philippe is the leading brand when it comes to luxury watches. It is well-known by every watch fan, considering the high quality and aesthetics behind each piece. The amount of history that lies in its legacy is one of the significant aspects why this watch still soars up to this date. One of the excellent inventions that Patek Philippe developed is the entry-level watch, Aquanaut. 

Launched in 1997, it began as a collection of sports watches but was sophisticated in its way. Its design mimicked the 1976 model, Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, with a round octagon case and a durable strap resistant to wear and tear UV radiation and salt water. Today, we’ll discuss more about the high-end timepieces in this range. Look out for these specifications to distinguish your Patek Philippe Aquanaut.

The Nautilus Sister

No doubt that Patek Philippe Aquanaut got its inspiration from Nautilus, intended to introduce it to the younger clientele. The “poor man’s Nautilus,” as people call it, but others don’t see it that way. However, what sets it apart from the watch icon is the price and the sportier look. It is more affordable than the latter. Also, it is the first Patek Philippe watch that used a rubber composite strap, which has been a staple to the Aquanaut series. 

On the other hand, Nautilus is known for using bracelets, which more watch fans appreciated. Nautilus has horizontal lines design in its dial, while Aquanaut has a checkerboard grid. You see, even if it came from the Nautilus design, there is still a big distinction. The size of the Aquanaut also fits perfectly with every gender’s wrist, making it a hit to everyone.

Years back, the waiting list extends to 8 years before you get a Nautilus watch, and Aquanaut is much available because the watch community does not prefer it. At present, its name has become a favorite by some celebrities and watch collectors. Hence, as it turned out, it earned such a long waiting list like Nautilus. 

Some of the stars that opt for Aquanaut are the Beatles icons, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. In addition to the Aquanaut lovers is John Meyer, who seems to have a big influence in the watch community as every watch he wears becomes popular.

Aquanaut Excellent Series

The simplicity of this watch makes it remarkable, and with the name it entails, indeed, the price is as high as a luxury car. Aquanaut’s components made it expensive too, plus the excellent craftsmanship given to each timepiece is filled with perfection to ensure good quality. Below are some popular models for the Aquanaut collection that may entice your interest in owning one.

Travel Time

In 2012, Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time came as the first Aquanaut watch that emerged with complications. These complications include: 

  • The second-time zone feature rests when not traveling 
  • GMT hour hand is set independently via the pushers on the left side of the watch. 
  • Date feature at the 6 o’clock location, which is your home time. 
  • 40.8mm in diameter
  • Classic brushed bezel with polished beveled edges 
  • Black gray dial has gold-embellished numerals and luminous hour markings
  • Globe pattern inside the date function
  • Self-winding caliber 324 S C
  • 45-hour power reserve
  • Water-resistant to 120m
  • Tropical rubber composite strap


Aquanaut Luce is a woman’s dream watch. It exudes elegance, all the while keeping it chic and casual. This year, 2021, Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce introduced quartz-powered stainless steel watches, self-winding watches in rose gold, and a Travel Time Luce. All of them have a 38.8mm dimension, bigger than the previous model.

  • Luce Ref. 5267. These stainless steel quartz watches are available in three colors when it comes to straps and dials. They are bold black, matte white, and khaki green. There’s a date aperture in the 3 o’clock position and the hour markers are in Arabic numerals. Another feature is the bezel with beveled edges and 48 diamonds around it. 
  • Luce Ref. 5268. This watch has a self-winding mechanical movement, Caliber 26-330 S C. It comes in a rose gold case and has the same features as the quartz model. Aside from the mechanism difference, it also has a stops-second device that enables the time to be set with one-second precision.
  • Luce Ref. 5269. The long wait is over as Travel Time is now available in the ladies’ watch, Luce. It is available in rose gold with a white dial featuring a second-timezone function and setting system. You can distinguish the two-hour hands through their appearance. The local time has the solid hand while the home time has a skeletonized hand. Once home from your trip, they posed as one showing only one hand. 


The Aquanaut Chronograph also released an iteration for our gentlemen this year. It is now available in 18k white gold with a size of 42.2mm. There are two colors available for the dial and the strap, khaki green ( Ref. 5968G-010) and midnight blue Ref.5968G-001).

  • Chronograph runs in a self-winding chronograph movement with caliber CH 28-520 C.
  • The case is well-polished with a satin-brushed finish. 
  • On the other side, you’ll find the octagon-shaped 60-minute counter at the 6 o’clock position. 
  • The pushers are in line with the 2 and 4 o’clock positions. 
  • It has a screw-down crown, fitted in sapphire crystal, and is resistant to water in 120m depth. 
  • When you look at the dial, it has Arabic numerals and hour markers with the Super LumiNOva feature. 
  • White gold minute hands and hour hands with the luminescent coat
  • Date window at 3 o’clock
  • Also available in flashy orange strap

Final Thoughts 

The first launch made watch enthusiasts disagree about Aquanaut but look at what it got now. It is already one of Patek Philippe’s most coveted timepieces as people turn to try something new from the classic ones. The price may be much more affordable than its sibling, Nautilus, but the quality and aesthetics, nevertheless, are excellent.

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