Packaging Boxes are the Art to Bring More Sales

Almost everything presented to customers is warped in packaging. This packaging can be a beautiful box or some wrapping sheet with a tag. Customers when enter a retail store are unknowingly influenced by the way a product is presented. Effective packaging helps a brand make sales and leave the competitors behind. Selling a product is an art and packaging is its canvas. Many types of research have suggested that alluring packaging can trigger positive emotion and buying impulse in customers. Entrepreneurs are using custom boxes wholesale to build their brand and enchant customers whereas big brands appealingly wrap products to earn more customers and maintain their goodwill.

Packaging Makes a Product Look Prominent on Retail Shelves: 

An attractively improved packaging box can elicit customer positive reaction. The packaging is the first interaction point between customers and the product. Only attractive packaging can force the customer to buy the product. When a customer sees a product, it’s the packaging that can create a purchasing interest before even looking at the product. Custom packaging has over the years become nothing but an extension of its packed product.

Is Packaging Important?

Apart from just wrapping the product, packaging plays numerous roles. The packaging is closely related to marketing, sales, and protection of the product.

The most basic function role of packaging is that it protects the packed item during transit and on retail shelves. Good packaging ensures customers receive the product in its original form. A damaged product can destroy the image of the brand in the customer’s mind. The consumer would never dare to such the product again. Packaging protects the product up to the moment the customer takes the product out of its box. This develops a trust relationship with customers and the customer repurchases the product again and again.

Packaging helps the customer to identify their favorite brand in a sea of other brands. Packaging that has product-related information, logos, texts, and brand name helps consumers to identify the products and brand.

Packaging increases the customer base and establishes consumer loyalty to the brand. Brand loyalty means repetitive purchasing and referrals which will increase brand visibility and sales.

Packaging and Sales:

The packaging is the last ad for any product and first touchpoint. Good marketing tactics are vital for excellent sales and packaging is the most important part of marketing. Entrepreneurs and marketers who are well aware of packaging importance have achieved a certain position in the market. Almost seven out of 10 customers get influenced by a product’s packaging. Out of a thousand similar products on shelves packaging helps customers to choose the right product for themselves.

The first impression is always crucial and long-lasting. You might have heard a famous proverb:

‘The first impression is the last impression’ 

The same is the case for a product if your product’s first impression (packaging) is not a good customer will immediately reject it. Good and high-quality packaging is usually perceived as high-quality products.

Unboxing and Increased Sales:

As discussed earlier packaging can be an effective marketing tool. In today’s world of bloggers and social media, packaging unboxing plays a vital role in increasing brand visibility and sales. Many customers upload unboxing videos of their products. Aesthetically alluring packaging videos attract attention and create brand awareness. According to research, more than 60% of customers said they would love to share videos or photos of the packaging if the product is presented to them in a gift type box such as pillow boxes rather than a traditional boring box. The printing name and logo of the company increase the chances of your brand to become the most popular. When anyone would see the unboxing of your product, they might take it as a recommendation for buying the product which will increase the sales.

In a recent survey 55%, people confessed that unboxing video convinced them to buy the product.

Packaging Influences Buying Behavior:

Most of the people are not aware of how they purchase a product unconsciously just because the packaging grabbed their attention. Packaging can influence positive and negative purchase impulses. Neutral packaging fails to grab onlooker’s eye whereas alluring packaging can cause an intense brain activity that influences the buying decision. Unattractive packaging connects with negative emotions in the brain. Attractive packaging can cause positive activity in the brain. I-e rewards, peace, etc.

How to Increase Sales with Packaging:

Good packaging may require you to spend some extra buck but if your packaging is revenue driven, its benefits will exceed its cost.

The packaging is one of the main factors that influence a customer’s decision to like or dislike a product. Look below at 4 sales drivers to make your packaging exceptionally amazing.

  1. Design your packaging according to the latest trends. Every year trend change. Changing your visual trends with season and years can complement your brand.

You can be in one day and completely out of the market the other day if you don’t change your packaging according to the latest trend. Short-run and the limited edition product packaging is another way to visually speak to your customer s and attract them.

  1. Make your packaging according to targeted markets’ taste. The packaging is something that can’t be ignored so the right packaging can easily fit into the consumer’s lives. This is a customization era. Gone are days of same orthodox packaging. Customers now demand custom packaging that can complement the product and is personalized according to their expectations. Customers don’t like to be treated like everyone. They need special treatment and custom packaging satisfies their desire by aligning with their values and interests.

Be Artistic: 

  1. While designing packaging for your products always focuses on how it will represent your brand. The packaging doesn’t need to be fancy but it should be artsy. Don’t overcrowd it with images and text. Make it attractive, easily recognizable and beautiful.
  2. Make an everlasting impression: Choose a packaging that is durable enough to hold the products in their original form and quality. Your customized packaging is your product showroom. Use eco-friendly material to give customers an impression that how concerned you are about your environment. With the increasing global warming, customers love to pay some extra amount for environmentally safe packaging.

Increase Your Sales

Use the above-listed techniques to give your product a brand new look to boost your sales. An amazingly crafted packaging can help your brand successfully drive sales to the highest peak on the graph and leave competitors behind.

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