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How to optimize your content for voice search?

content for voice search

Voice search: Most important to understand in digital business and users’ need and bing intent. And, now the new common is NLP, i.e., natural language processing, it enabled Google to understand user intent.

Google is always coming with some new update, and this time its Penguin and Panda updates. Where Hummingbird was released five years back, and it turned into the search on its ear.

That was noticed as the beginning of Google’s efforts to parse intent. Voice search is effective if you have a well-maintained content website, here marketing the user-generated content is the key to enhance sales and more visibility.

Natural language processing allows us to search for various kinds of language, including words and syntax that are natural. And to remember is while typing keywords to search bar, the user will figure out what we should enclose in quotes.

Lets’ see some statistics that prove the voice search:

 Why Voice Search Revolution is Important

According to the research, the user visits link 35.35 per cent for the first organic search result asked on Google’s SERP. A leading SEO Company Perth note that in comparison, voice search optimizing for voice searches is very different from normal optimization for a traditional search result.

When it comes to voice search, things are narrow down for the search query as there are only three results found in the top for mobile and one result for smart speakers.

But, earlier it was found that by 2020, up to 50 per cent of all search result will be conducted by voice and user will often search through voice.

Why Voice Search Revolution is Important

Source: Search Engine Land

Above graph illustrates the earlier adoption of the voice-activated assistance that are liked by users. Businesses and organization with digitalization must start working on voice optimization to be recognized as soon as possible.

It is crucial to optimize your website pages regularly and optimizing content for an audio search becomes a new essential activity that helps the user to the resource for queries from their mobile devices or voice-activated assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, and more.

Five steps to ensure your content is optimized for voice search:

1) Think FAQ

As we know, the natural language process is now more in stock. Still, it’s essential to know that there are differences between the phrases used during voice search and traditional online search.

Business must be aware of the keywords and phrases that are often asked by customers.

A proper is followed here when you speak to your customers on the phone or in-person; they may use the same keywords or phrases that they here in voice search.

We have noticed that whether it’s a speaker or smartphone, voice search is going to way to know the answers. You can see some of the differences when you go for a Google search:

Typing: Gujarati food delivery in many areas

Voice: What restaurants deliver Gujarati food?

Typing: Movie timings

Voice: Show me timings for the movie

FAQ plays a significant role here to answer all the necessary and often asked question by And now you can answer through voice recording. In the end, the better reflects the voice snippet answer user will receive from Google.

2) Provide Answers

To optimize featured snippets, it is likewise optimizing for the voice search. Where approx 40.7 per cent of voice search queries answers come from featured snippets. Following are the steps to be followed:

  • Update your content regularly. Content must be relevant and fresh.
  • Create an FAQ page in your website, and that content page must provide answers to all the user queries. It will help to get a level up by assisting all the required information.
  • Markup language: User questions should be marked up properly in <h2> headers so that it can be easy to recognize.
  • Start answering users’ queries to your Google My Business Questions and Answers section.

3) Speed Up Your Website

Website is the ket source for users to get all the information for products and service. So, it is mandatory to keep the site easy to navigate with speed while loading.

It is equally relevant to voice search as mobile voice search users are looking for immediate answers and will redact to the website for detail answer. You can hire a dedicated SEO expert to get your website SEO done with all the requirements as per Google’s algorithm.

If your website is the time consuming and takes much time while loading, the user will leave the page and move to the next search. The best time considered for page load is under 3 seconds. And if it takes a longer time, that may affect your voice search result. Look at here now for best SEO agency.

As per the Google latest update, “speed update” enables page speed in mobile search ranking, and hence its’ rolling out for all users over the globe.

4) Mobile-Friendly Content

Fact is present may be a decent an ideal opportunity to check whether it is as portable agreeable as you might suspect it seems to be.

As of now, the mobile is the essential hotspot for voice search – which makes this about the 1,000,000,001 reasons that your site or blog ought to be mobile-friendly.

While optimizing your site or you hire an SEO agency for web optimization for other SEO activities, you might be amazed to know that you could stand to make a few changes.

If you need to forego utilizing tools, make sure to apply the fundamentals of mobile-friendly tools for page design:

  • Separate things into short paragraphs that are easy to read.
  • Use a lot of White area or white space.
  • Use subheadings, visual cues, and numbered list.
  • Try not to utilize languid contents or images that aren’t optimized.
  • Be precise for information. Outsourcing a content writer is an excellent option to update the website with proper knowledge and compelling content.

To enhance the voice search SEO, keep the time and required resources tied up to solve any issues. If you are utilizing a CMS, you should seriously mull over investigating subjects, modules or different choices that execute responsive structure standards.

5) Use Structured Data

Creating and updating relevant and enough content is the key for an ideal business website to upgrade for voice search.

There are various ways to help Googles’ web crawlers better comprehend your content, and they ought to be positioned and ordered. You can utilize structured information to get a website done with the required content.

Structured language isn’t noticeable to individuals perusing your substance. Instead, it is small scale data that applied in your code that web search tools that can read to all the more likely comprehend your content.

voice search

It’s been indicated that utilizing diagram markup language doesn’t directly affect page rankings. The fact is, in any case, it enhances your business site and content for voice search.

Keyword Research for Voice Search

Till now, we know what the things to be applied are and how voice search SEO works. The next thing is keywords, and it is essential to learn the keyword research process and users’ search intent.

Long-tail keywords: It completes a phrase and identify the question, and the user often prefers to search for long-term keywords when using voice.

Question keywords. As said before, voice search queries consist of a lot of question words like what, when, why, how, where, and more. So, it adds relevancy to the keywords search for voice search, so makes sure you include the question keywords.

“Filler words” are a must. Filler words are those that make the query more conversational. It seems to be one to one conversation, and the user will satisfy with the question asked.

Voice Search is More Convenient

If the option is given to us to choose between typing and voice query or speaking, in a world where time is everything, we will go with the voice.

A query like “what is the depth of pacific ocean”, “Is Bermuda triangle real”, we all would choose the voice search as a convenient way.

Voice Search Will Grow as Mobile Does

As we are aware of many tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are already on the move and have optimized for voice search and are leading at the top. Users’ priority can be set by optimizing voice search to your business and specializing in voice search SEO.

As we can see, the era of mobile is growing at a fast pace, the business website design should be relevant and mobile-friendly and there’s no reason to believe why not. Similarly, voice search is currently used in enormous ways and more frequently, so optimizing voice search seems to be a sound option.

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