The need for an application-based management and visitor regulation system in modern housing societies


Modern housing societies are completely different from traditional housing societies. In the traditional housing society, the concept of central monitoring and vigilance was not very well developed. Over a period of time, an apparent shift was witnessed and the need for a centralized monitoring system as well as a visitor management system was felt in modern societies. Modern societies now comprise different types of apartments rather than cluster households that were present in traditional settings. Consequently, modern societies need a housing society management system so that various functions and functionalities can be handled in an autonomous and remote manner. Most of the residential apartments in modern housing societies provide different models related to occupancy and accommodation.

The prospective residents are provided with the option of occupying the apartment permanently by providing one-time charges or buying the apartment in the form of monthly or quarterly installments. There are also cases when the residents are not interested in buying the apartments but paying a rental for accommodation purposes. A very customized option of non-occupancy charges is also provided to the residents in case they want to shift their location for a couple of months. In simple terms, the facilities and options that are provided in modern apartments and housing societies are perfectly aligned with the lifestyle of people in the present time.

Application-based management system

One of the unique features of modern housing apartments is their application-based management system. This management system can be handled online and is connected to different operations which can be performed remotely. For instance, the visitor-based application management system takes care of different types of requests that may be physical or virtual in nature. It is possible that online delivery is received and it needs to be received immediately.

The application-based visitor management system allows handling this operation remotely in a hassle-free manner. The benefit of this system is that it first collects data from the visitor which is then simultaneously verified in an online interface. If the verification is successful, the online system or the application management system allows the entry of the delivery or the professional who is in charge to perform a specific task.

While the operation is being performed, the visitor management system keeps a record of the entire operation for the purpose of security. It needs to be noted at this point in time that the visitor management system also regulates the exit of the professional from the apartment after proper verification thereby providing an additional layer of security.

A shift from traditional settings

In the traditional apartments, the usual practice was to keep a record of the visitors in the form of a physical registry. However, there were certain challenges associated with this method of verification. The visitors often provided inaccurate data that caused security issues and the process of verification was also compromised. The online system overcomes the challenge by providing a real-time monitoring system for the visitors and keeping a record of the operations that are performed by them.

Benefits of the system

There are numerous benefits that are associated with an online methodology of management.

  • The first important benefit is that the entry of important visitors can be pre-scheduled which was not possible with the traditional system.
  • The second important benefit is that human errors can be completely avoided as the system functions in an autonomous manner.
  • The traditional system could not keep a record of intricate details like time spent by the visitor, and the nature of operations performed as well as the complete CCTV footage.
  • These advantages have not only contributed to the prominence of an online management system but have also made it a necessity for residents in modern societies.
  • The system also provides the regulation of the working staff and monitors their activities. There is a possibility that the residents of an apartment may avail different types of services that are shared between them.
  • It is in this context that the apartment management system becomes even more important to keep track of the services that are offered by professionals. At the end of the month, the wages and the billing options can be generated for the services that are available on the basis of time spent by the service providers in a particular apartment.
  • Data processing and analytics is another important option that is provided in the apartment management system and this can be utilized for further development of the system at the back end.

The bottom line

It is highly possible that the modern apartment system would be powered by the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and chatbot technology. Meanwhile, it is highly recommended to install the modern apartment management system as it performs different types of gatekeeping and record-keeping functions in modern societies.

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