Moving In With Your Partner? Here Are Some Tips

Whether you want to test compatibility or spend some quality time, moving in with your partner is a huge life decision.

Moving In With Your Partner

Moving is more than packing, loading and unloading your stuff at the new location. It opens your relationship up to a whole set of potential issues and new experiences.

While taking this major leap, there are a lot of things to consider and prepare for.

Here are 5 tips for couples moving in together:

1.   Make a budget

Moving is an expensive affair when you look at the costs associated with hiring movers, buying packing supplies, setting utilities and more.

Make a budget

So, it’s advisable to discuss your finances, rents, bills, savings and other expenses ahead of time to avoid future problems.

Creating a budget will help you:

  • keep aside money for the move
  • make your first few months living together smoother
  • save for the future
  • determine your household needs
  • know the expenses you will share
  • track your spendings

2.   Decide what to keep or toss out

Coming together means downsizing your stuff.

Currently, if you and your partner are living separately, you both will have to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Obviously, what is the need for two refrigerators, dining tables or sofa sets in your new space?

Some of the options that could help you:

  1. Host a yard sale and sell the things that are in good condition
  2. Donate books, toys, clothes, furniture and anything you no longer required to someone who is in need
  3. You can sell your items on online marketplaces like craigslist
  4. Gift your extra items like wall decor, electronics or couch to your friends, or anyone who needs it.

Once you make a decision, consult a professional moving company to make your whole relocation process a breeze.

3. Divide household tasks

When living alone, it’s sometimes ok to leave dishes in the sink overnight or not clean the room every day.

But the same doesn’t go well when living together.

Before moving in, it’s important to plan, discuss and split up household chores as evenly as possible.

Talk to your partner about jobs you are willing to take and which you prefer not to do.

For instance, if you don’t like cooking, you can consider washing dishes.

4. Decide on home decoration

Everyone has a unique taste and style.

So, it’s a better idea for couples to discuss their home decor preferences and choices before getting too far.

Shop together to find perfect wall art, furniture, electronics and other decor items.

Decide on home decoration

This will make your house look more inviting and comfortable for both of you.

5.   Create a private space

Though you are going to share space together, yet it’s important to not lose your identity and spend some me-time with yourself.

Create a corner in your new home that feels like all your own and where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and can get enough private time.

In the end…

Moving in with your partner is one of the most important decisions and is a true commitment test. So, approach it in the right way.

Hopefully, these tips will make your move-in experience as smooth as possible.

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