What is mobile network state disconnected

Mobile networks are not always connected, such as when you are on the subway. This can lead to problems with your application. To remedy this, you can use a network state observer to check whether the device is currently connected and react accordingly.

Why does my android say mobile network state disconnected?

Mobile network state disconnected is an error that can occur when the phone has been inactive for too long. When a device is idle, it will switch to a different set of channels in order to conserve battery power and only return to normal channel when the device is active again.

How do I fix mobile network state disconnected?

If your iPhone or other iOS device is showing the “no service” icon and you’re certain that it’s connected to a network, try turning off Airplane Mode and then turning it back on. If you’re in an area with a weak signal, try moving to a different location.

Good thing though, there are ways to fix it. We’ve listed out some of those below.

Switch to 3G

As we’ve already said, if your phone has a 3G or lower network sim card then it won’t work on 4G networks. The easiest solution is to change the network settings from 4G to 3G. This will allow you to continue transferring data and your device will still be able to connect with the cellular networks.

These are the steps for your Android device:

  • Open settings

  • Click on the “Network Mode”

  • Select only CDMA 3G.

  • Retry to connect to the internet.

Turn off the mobile’s wi-fi

To conserve data and mobile battery life, make sure to disable the wi-fi and see if the data connection can be restored. Don’t forget to have a stable internet connection.

  • Go to Settings → Wireless and Network Settings → Disable Airplane mode

  • Turn off wi-fi.

  • Turn off Bluetooth.

  • Scroll down and select Network Mode → Enable mobile data.

  • Skip “Data Roaming” and enable the “Always on Mobile Data” option.

Have you already tried these two methods but still get the same error? You’ll have to fix the problem in any case, so don’t worry too much about that. Just try this other method.

Reset APN settings

If you’re using a new AT&T SIM card or just unlocked a phone, then you’ll need to enter their information correctly. Some people might be missing details from the AT&T account so it’s best to fill them all in when prompted.

  • Go to Settings → Remove all the APN settings from your device.

  • Come back to the main settings.

  • Go to Mobile Network Settings → Access point names → three dots on the right corner of the screen → Reset to Default

  • Disable security software in the device.

It’s very common knowledge that hacking is a cyber-crime, but most hackers typically work off the public WiFi network instead of hacking your security software. So to stay safe and clear, disable your security software to make sure you’re not being hacked.

  • The first step if you’re experiencing any problems is to reboot your PC.

  • Then be sure to double-check the IP address in the network settings.

  • You should also keep wireless routers up to date and make sure they work smoothly with the modem and router.

  • If Windows can’t detect any connections, you should use the troubleshooters for this on a throw-away computer that is not running any other software. Or, you can go to ‘Programs and Features’ and click ‘Turn Windows features on or off’. If you need to run the network settings in Windows, go to Control Panel & Network Connections (or just type it into your search box).

Reset the mobile network

Most of the time, resetting a device solves the majority of problems. Even if there are indeed some negative outcomes, you can’t always avoid them for every issue. Resetting your computer fixes all kinds of different issues.

Once in a while, your SIM card might have troubles understanding what you’re saying or demanding. It can also happen that your device shows the network state disconnected message while you’re able to use other features of the phone (sending and receiving calls). Sometimes you don’t know if your phone working properly or not.

If you’re experiencing network connection issues, try switching networks via USB. Depending on your phone model, you’ll need to select a 3G/4G or one of the following local networks: LAN, sprint, or AT&T.

Settings → General Options → Reset

At this point, the device will ask you to confirm. Type in your password, and a screen should pop up confirming the reset process is complete.

All the above techniques are straightforward enough that you can complete them on your own.

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