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Make Your Website User Friendly With These Tips

Make Your Website User Friendly With These Tips

Today, no business can function without a website. Not exclusively does a site assists a business with being found on the Internet, it likewise works as a channel for advertising and marketing to both known and unknown customers. Notwithstanding, a lot of business owners feel baffled when there is less than expected amount of conversion from their business sites. Accordingly, it is crucial to recognize that a website is best designed only after considering its end-user. To help you build a user-friendly website, here are five different ways that will make your site easy to use and navigate for your visitors. Do not miss to discuss them with your web design company:

1. Appealing Design and Layout

To have an alluring design, pick a layout that will look recognizable to your clients. For example, a few column designs are quite normal. Having a segment on one side, either on the left or right, of each page makes the layout look crisp and well-aligned. A decent UI is a key for an easy-to-use site. Besides, it is crucial to ensure that the essence of your brand is reflected in your color choice while simultaneously guaranteeing that the backdrop shading is in concordance with your text style. The text and color- scheme need to go hand-in-hand in a manner that the overall layout does not hit in the eyes of your visitors. If your visitors find it difficult to read your content, they will move to another site.

2. Natural and Logical Navigation

Your website’s route should be natural. This implies that it acts and works the way your visitors anticipate that it should. Try not to create your own layout. Even if you explain how to use it, most visitors won’t be willing to learn. A decent navigation menu should be direct, with fewer links. In case there are such a large number of links on your website, a drop-down menu is a good inclusion. Thusly, clients will be ready to explore the site and find what they need.

3. Quick Loading Time

No one would prefer to sit and wait for a lethargic site to load. Consequently, test the time that your site takes to stack and load. There are a few different ways to accelerate your site’s speed, and the majority of the emulators will help you with the same. Some do that with the compression of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript documents and the use of small size pictures.

4. Search Engine

If you have an inventory on your site, it is fundamental to give an internet search box at the upper right-hand corner of each page. Your visitors will appreciate it as it can save a lot of their effort and time. Besides, clients will need this to find things they are looking for inside your site. It is often appreciated by the site visitors when they have difficulty finding things or information through normal navigation or site layout.

One expert website design company pro tip here is that the search engine must show zero results if the product or service they are looking for is not there on your site. Or else, your visitors will feel mislead and leave the site immediately.

5. Contact Information

Giving contact details helps in building trust and offers significant satisfaction and comfort to clients since they want to be sure that there is a genuine organization behind a business site. This will conceivably affect your conversion rate, particularly in case you are selling any products or services using your site. Hence, give simple contact components, for example, contact forms and a phone number displayed in a simple to find a segment in your site. When putting in the contact details, kindly keep in mind that a few clients would in any case select conventional contact methods. In this way, if doable, do give an actual location and phone number. Also, potential clients who need more information about your offerings can easily connect with you through a phone call or chat.


These five tips elaborated in the article will help your business site become simple to understand and easy to use. Not exclusively will your future clients feel welcomed but, they will associate more and connect better, visit your site again and refer it to their companions. Thus, the quantity of visitors to your site and your conversion rate is bound to go up.

For more tips on how to design a user-friendly website for your business, get in touch with a professional website design company. There are some expert website design professionals with rich experience in working on different kinds of websites and with different kinds of features. Make sure that the website design company you choose understands your business well.

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