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Behind a well-run business is a team of employees who keep organized and meticulous documents. Document storage is one of the critical areas of any business, and only an organized system ensures maximum efficiency. This is where document control software can show its true potential. According to some studies, employees’ productivity reduces by 21.3% when asked to find a particular document. This is an alarming figure as employees can get fired for it; however, since document maintenance is essential, this fact is easily ignored. Business owners have reported their life has become much easier with document control software since these tools were introduced in their company. Following are a couple of advanced features that will help you understand the importance of this software.

Storage Options

This is self-explanatory; the software offers reliable and secure storage options for documents. A company can upload all types and sizes of documents, which will be archived in the software. If someone wants to access it, they can simply type the file’s name and view the information. Additionally, you can upload the files in bulk which saves valuable time.


Traditional document maintenance is vulnerable since anyone can access the information. However, a document software system is secured, and only authorized employees can access the file. Moreover, you can also block certain IP addresses and restrict specific employees from accessing the files. As a result, your documents are secure and safe from any exploitation by employees or other parties. The system can also restrict the editing of documents, which is a great feature for small companies where check and balance is a bit relaxed.

Updated Version

One of the issues with digital information is that everyone who views it must have the same version of the software. However, document control software offers compatibility options, meaning even if your computer doesn’t have the latest version, the software will convert the file to your system’s current version. As a result, employees don’t have to waste time updating systems which eventually enhances their productivity.

Effective Auditing

The software keeps detailed records of when a file was accessed, the number of viewers, and other such information. This helps not only in greater control but restricting unwanted users as well. Similarly, you can also view the changes made by a particular employee, along with the time and date. As a result, the risk of fraud and other such activities is significantly reduced.

Mobile Applications

One of the best feature document control software offers is its portability. Most software comes with a dedicated mobile app, which allows the user to view documents on the go. So, you don’t have to ask an employee or other staff to dispatch the file; instead, you can open the application, search the file and view the information immediately without delays.

Document control software is the next innovation in file maintenance due to its security and ease of use. Increase the productivity and efficiency of employees in your company by implementing document control software.    

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