What Are The Key Benefits Of Address Verification?

Although doing business has largely moved to cyberspace, the customer’s postal address remains a vital piece of information. Businesses send numerous types of mail to customers like newsletters, invoices, bills, marketing copies, and more. You also send deliverables and shipments to these addresses. This makes it crucial for businesses to have updated, accurate and verified addresses in your database.

Sending mail and shipment to the right addresses is vital to the success and growth of a business. While a single returned-mail won’t hurt your business bottom line, multiple failed deliveries over time could prove detrimental.

According to the USPS Office of Inspector General, undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail costs both the Postal Service and its customers. Annually, nearly $21.5 billion is spent on handling undelivered mail. The amount of money spent on failed deliveries could be used for other more important business expenses.

As a business owner, you want to be sure that all your correspondences and packages reach their intended recipient. You also want to reduce unnecessary losses and other negative impacts of undelivered mails. This is where an address verification software comes to the picture.

What is an address validator?

An address validator is a simple IT solution that checks, standardizes, and verifies mailing addresses. It checks the database for possible duplicate addresses, any typo error, missing details, and incorrect formatting. The software corrects errors, if necessary. According to a specialist at Byteplant, after addresses are checked and standardized, they are verified using the USPS database. This ensures the existence and address deliverability.

For businesses that utilize mailing addresses in their marketing efforts or product delivery, address validator is beneficial. If you are still unsure about how address verification can help your business, check out the following key benefits.

Reduce undelivered mail

Verifying address deliverability can greatly reduce returned mail and its corresponding costs. Every mail sent to an incorrect or non-existent address translates to wasted resources. Losses due to undelivered mail depend on the volume and frequency of mailings. While a couple of returned mails won’t cost you that much, having hundreds of such failed deliveries could cost you a substantial amount.

Delaying address verification could lead to more returned mail – something you don’t want.

Improve marketing strategies

Despite the ubiquity of digital marketing, direct mail campaigns remain an effective tactic. In 2018, businesses spent 42.4 billion on direct mail marketing. Many customers still prefer the conventional paper-based newsletters, marketing letters, etc. This marketing tactic remains effective even in the age of computers. Crucial to its success is the business’ address database.

An impeccable address data can help improve your marketing campaign. Every mail you send is part of an overall marketing plan, hence you want every mail to reach its intended destination. If a mail is returned due to an erroneous address, you lose the opportunity of converting your prospect into sales.

Undelivered mails adversely affect your marketing campaign. It can give you a false impression regarding the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. You might think that the prospective clients are not converting because of a bad campaign, but the fact is that your mails simply don’t reach them.

With an address verification solution, you can minimize failed deliveries and get an accurate picture of your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Reliable address database

The address verification tool ensures a good address database that is clean, updated, and validated. It is important in achieving your business goals, particularly those that rely on a mailing address. Real-time validation guarantees that all entries in your database are correct.

A reliable address database also facilitates the development and implementation of strategic plans.  Many businesses use customer addresses to analyze the market, craft effective marketing campaigns, and set goals. Using a verified and accurate database, business leaders can come up with sound decisions with more effective results.

Ensure effective communication

Communication is an integral part of doing business. You want to be able to reach your customers, suppliers, and other collaborators through various means of communication. An address validation tool enables you to establish one of the most trusted and tested form of communication that is postage.

An address verification tool ensures that you gather the correct and verified postal addresses. If a prospective customer’s address in your database is incorrect, you might lose him as well as the opportunities to convert him into a trusted client.

Businesses that use address verification can communicate with stakeholders via mail more effectively than others that don’t use it.

Reduce postage costs

As repeatedly mentioned above, address verification can greatly reduce mailing costs. Aside from the actual postage costs, undelivered mails entail other expenses such as the manpower needed for re-work, and the paper, ink, and envelope needed for reprinting.

Ensuring that the address includes all details, particularly ZIP+4, may enable you to qualify for mailing discounts. For example, USPS offers discounts for senders that include complete details. Other international couriers also offer similar promotions.

Save valuable time

The Postal Service can immediately sort out your mails and dispatch much faster when all address details are complete. Using the standardized address format and including information such as ZIP+4 increases the delivery speed by up to two days.

Meanwhile, incomplete addresses may cause delays in delivery. Your team might need to follow up with the courier to check why the mail hasn’t been received yet. In some cases, you would have to resend a new mail. All of these can reduce employee efficiency, hinder business operation, and cost you valuable time.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers expect to receive correspondences and orders on time. With address verification, you can avoid unnecessary delivery delays due to errors in the recipient’s address. Your customers will receive mails and packages within the promised date or even earlier.

When your customers are happy, they are more likely to leave good feedback and work with you in the future. This helps improve your brand reputation.


As you can see, a clean and verified address database is an integral part of business success. Hence, an address validation tool is a must and a worthwhile investment with an immediate impact on your bottom line. But more than anything else, ensuring that all your correspondences and shipments are delivered timely and properly gives you peace of mind. Perhaps this is the ultimate and best benefit of investing in address verification software.

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