It’s Time To Celebrate!

Lately, it seems that the world is filled with doom and gloom. From the pandemic, to climate change disasters, and political upheavals, it seems that the news from around the world is all about adversity.  A daily dose of negativity over a long period of time can be detrimental to both your mental and physical well being. While we should not ignore what is happening in the world, we need to find ways that will help us feel good about ourselves. Now is the time for some positivity in our lives because what the media fails to point out is that we all have many reasons to celebrate.

Throughout the day we are constantly achieving success whether big or small. Too often we fail to notice our own successes because we are so intent on trying to measure up to what we perceive to be the greater achievements of our peers, colleagues, and even family members.  This adds to the negative self narrative that holds us back from being our best. It is important to start recognizing your personal achievements, no matter how small, and start celebrating you.

What Do I Have To Celebrate?

Celebrating one’s personal successes requires us to become mindful and pay attention to what we are doing throughout the day.  This can begin before you even get out of bed. Be grateful and celebrate awakening to a new day.  Take stock of the good things in your life, your spouse, your family, your dog, and be thankful. Then think about the day ahead, your tasks and goals. Be mindful that as you accomplish these things, you have a reason to celebrate. Maybe you finished that three mile run or 30 minutes on the treadmill. Give yourself a shout out!  It’s raining and you found a parking spot close to where you need to be, give yourself a high five.  You got the kids out the door in plenty of time for school with no disruptions and you made it to work ahead of time. Yes, that’s a reason to celebrate as well.  Science has shown that every time we celebrate we are strengthening our positive feelings about ourselves which helps us to build resilience when faced with adversity.   Start keeping a gratitude journal and build the habit of writing in it daily.  Focus on the things you are thankful for that happened that day, for every one of them was a success.  Celebrate these things with words or even doodles.  A heart, happy face or even a plus sign next to each of your grateful thoughts is a wonderful way to privately pat yourself on the back!

Celebrate On The Job

The workplace for most of us can be a very stressful environment.  Now is the time to focus on your work achievements to feel good about yourself so you build up your resilience against job related stress.  Look at your calendar when you get to work and organize your tasks around your meetings. Start with something small that you can accomplish quickly and give yourself a “Job well done” when you are finished. Take time to physically cross it off the list (or if on a computer, highlight it).  Do not delete the task from your calendar.  You want to see your accomplishments at the end of day and take the time to enjoy those good feelings. 

What if your job is making you miserable and no matter how hard you try, you can’t find anything to celebrate? If you realize you are in this position, it’s time to make the change. You can take all sorts of online courses to improve your skills. You can also consider going solo. Many people are pursuing life long dreams and getting paid for it, from traveling to starting their own business, to even blogging about food and lifestyles. You just need to make the move.  Don’t wait for your new job or business to become successful before you celebrate. Change is really hard, so celebrate yourself all along the way.  Those good feelings you get will increase your self positivity and lead you to greater success.

Celebrate Others

Another way we feel good about ourselves is when we celebrate the achievements of others.  A kind word or high five when you see someone succeed can go a long way to boosting their morale and making you feel great.  Celebrating people for their milestones can be easy and fun with just the click of a finger. A Happy Birthday ecard, for example, is fun to create and goes a long way to bringing a smile to the recipient’s face. Taking a friend out for a celebratory cup of coffee or afterwork drink will be long remembered afterwards. Every time you show someone how much you care, you come out a winner. That’s something to celebrate too!

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