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Instagram tips to gain customers

You got some time on your hands and chose to browse through your phone. As you open your apps, you see some interesting options; Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and potentially, Instagram. These are some of the most popular social media sites that people like to binge on. Instagram is one of the standouts because it has over 1 billion active monthly users, more than 500 million daily active users, and more than 200 million businesses. There is something for almost everybody whether you love images, videos, or occasionally, text.

In the past, businesses were familiar with creating big marketing budgets to hire the best marketing professionals, create promotions and get the word out as far as possible. With Instagram, a business no longer needs a mega budget for marketing, and there are many options for organic growth available, like Growthoid, which has been shown to deliver. Instagram already offers access to several customers not just in the country of origin of the business but across borders and continents. Marketing strategies can no longer be only physical but virtual as well. Without the right knowledge of Instagram, businesses may find it difficult to take advantage but not after reading this article.

People like a business they feel they can trust

Humans are prone to trust someone familiar or that we bond within the moment rather than a stranger with whom we have had no interaction. Businesses need to create bonds with customers. and Instagram is up to the task with many engaging features. A business can either go to the customers or draw them in. Going to customers means a business should use content that customers are already interested in. They can comment, like, and reuse this content on their pages to create a feeling of familiarity for customers which will make them more likely to engage and investigate the page. The other way is by creating content that brings them to the business. Content that caters to the interests of your customers such as instructional videos for a beauty product or DIY videos for furniture. The more customers are engaged, the more they will get familiar with the business and learn to trust it.

People like to get engaged

Social media was created mainly to help people socialize virtually and across distances, they could not before. A business should understand what kind of content creates engagement for their customers and what features are available on Instagram to get that content out there in the customers’ faces. If it is fashion, you want to share content on the latest fashion trends and shows worldwide. If it’s technology, you want to share “how-to” videos and review videos. Instagram offers many ways to share information including photos which are especially great for travel niches and videos in many formats. The video formats include Reels, Stories, and IGLive. IGLive is especially relevant for seminars, conferences, and concerts while Stories may be best to share employee experiences at work that will paint the business in a positive light. Instagram users use all these mediums to engage the businesses that they love. The more consistent content is posted, the more engagement a business is likely to have.

People like things that feel familiar

Too many cooks spoil the broth just like a lot of different content may spoil the engagement. This content should include a profile photo that is associated with their brand colors and uses their logo as well so that users on Instagram can familiarise themselves with the brand. Posing content relevant to the business helps customers understand what your brand does rather than generic video and photo content that may be used everywhere else. The quality of photos and videos used by a business will also play a part in how customers perceive your brand, and having a voice will naturally attract more followers. Use the best quality profile photo and content in your posts as well as videos.


Instagram provides many marketing opportunities for businesses in different niches. The number of people on the social media platform opens up spaces and countries many businesses could not reach in the past. Couple that with great features that make content more attractive and engaging for users and you have a great recipe for a great social media marketing strategy.

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