Here Are A Few Indoor Team Building Games You Might Want To Try

Who stays around you most of the time apart from family? It is your colleagues. You all work in the same company to take it to new heights. This work becomes simpler if there is effective communication amongst all. However, striking a conversation randomly is daunting, to begin with. Plus, it requires frequent interactions that take a lot of time.

Indulging in activities once in a while that makes the whole workforce bond is a crucial and exciting concept. You build outstanding bonds in a single day which otherwise takes years to form.

Here are a few indoor team building games you might want to try: 

Story Build Up

You will sit along with your colleagues in a circle. Wherein the first individual starts with an opening sentence for a storyline. Then, the others take turns and join one sentence each to the developing story.

This game creates coordination amongst colleagues to get a quality story. You will always get reminded of the brilliant story that everyone compiled together. Especially when times are rough in your industry. You will get the urge to sit together and brainstorm for a possible practical solution.

Balancing Stick

In this game, a long and thin stick is kept on the index fingers of all the participants. The task is to lower the stick simultaneously without dropping or touching it. 

With time, the participants will get the hang of the game. You will find everyone communicating with each other before lowering the stick together. You have now learned the ropes of effective communication.

Truths  And A  Lie

You have to tell three truths and a lie about yourself. Your colleagues will guess the lie. It helps us to know each other better. Without taking time to think of ways in which you can start conversing with work partners.

The better you know each other, the more quickly you are in the office. Thereby increasing the chances of consulting each other in case of a significant office problem.

Solving Masters

You and your colleagues are divided into teams in these indoor team-building games. Each contains four people. A problem that is most likely faced in your product needs passing around. The teams should come up with solutions that will eliminate the problem forever. 

This team-building exercise gives a demo of the results during an actual problem. You will get surprised regarding the potential of everyone when combined in groups.


Indoor team building games work wonders in improving efficiency. Your sales and customer service get better as a result. All this is because you no longer think twice before needing help across departments. Even within departments, you are there for each other in achieving future professional targets. You now require less time to achieve short-term goals. Competent heads strive together to get solutions to the problems present.  These solutions might not have crept up if there had been no discussion. Even if someone comes up with a solution, it is time-consuming to arrive at it individually. Get indoor games for your office now! When is your indoor team building scheduled for? All the best for it! Have fun while learning.

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