Increase conversion rates with videos in 2021

With the entire world moving online, is your company website driving enough conversions? Are you facing the problem of high traffic and less conversions?

Well, you are not alone! Most marketers have struggled to generate results in this ever-changing market. Users have become more demanding; competition has increased and it’s time for you to step it up!

Your efforts are only counted if your company has a good conversion rate, since paying customers are the ones who drive profits. How to ensure that things work out in your favor? Well, you need to bring in the A-game in the form of video marketing initiatives. You optimize your marketing strategy and start using videos to make an impact.

What makes videos impactful?

Videos are known to create an impact on the user’s mind. Users have started to prefer dynamic video content as compared to static texts and images. Videos are more innovative, communicative, and creative.

This makes each video campaign unique and interesting. In fact, with videos, the universe full of ideas also multiplies. This is also probably why a lot of companies are investing in outsourcing their video marketing initiative to professional companies.

With the chances of your conversion rate going up by 80% with just a video on your landing page, your efforts will never go to waste! It is time for you to start investing your time in making good video marketing campaigns, with the right conversion marketing tactics.

What should you do to succeed?

1. Decide on video placement

The basic and most crucial step before launching a video campaign is to find out which platform or channel do you want to use? Common channels like YouTube and Instagram are different in the kinds of videos that work on them. Hence, video placement is a mandatory decision before moving forward.

Moreover, if you want to feature videos on your website, the section where you’ll upload them becomes important. Further, video placement also paves the way to decide on factors like video designing, video length, and even budget. For production, video marketing is optimized only when the video placement is directly related to the product links it offers.

2. Decide on video type

Once your video placement is confirmed, the next step is to decide on the type of video you want to feature. If you have a subscription-based model, a customer experience video on your landing page might work the best. However, if you are a small business on social media, ‘Instagram reels’ are the right way to go.

Another example can be product tutorial videos on your product pages to establish trust with your customer. The video type should use the best qualities about video marketing to the core. Narrate a captivating story to your users using the right video length and genre.

As a marketer, when you know that more than 50% of people watch videos online every day, you cannot miss out on the opportunities waiting for you!

3. Decide on video content

Once you have decided the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of your video, you need to decide the ‘what’. Most companies have started hiring dedicated professionals to research, develop and create content for video marketing ads.

The content of your video should bring your brand, your product, and your users to a common platform. The idea should always be to keep it fun and friendly.

In fact, video marketing has its essence in relatability and consistency. Your videos should compel your users to take that extra effort and become loyal customers. Conversion rates go up due to videos as the user feels the need to try the product and ultimately become a repeat buyer.

Over to you…

Video marketing is the future. The future will pave the way for your brand to grow, survive and sustain. Use this opportunity and be one of the few first movers in the business. Video marketing can do wonders for those who know which stone to turn. In the end, it is all about making your users feel valued and keeping your company relevant!

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