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The Importance of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very effective tool in content strategy, which allows you to increase the authority of your domain, have a greater reach and obtain better positioning.

It is a great strategy to make your brand known to other online audiences. To learn more about this practice, where it can be done and its benefits, we invite you to read the following entry that we have prepared at SEOlogy Agency.

What is guest posting or guest blogging?

Guest posting, or guest blogging as it is also called, consists of a technique in which a person posts on a blog as a guest author. This usually happens as a content exchange between contributors from two different sites to make a profit on their sites.

It is a positive practice both for the person who makes the post and for the one who will publish it on their site. Likewise, it represents a great alternative for the readers of these sites since they can access varied, useful content that has a high value.

The content that is going to be written must be related to our niche, therefore, it is necessary to find collaborations with those creators who make content related to ours so that the blog will be significantly enriched.

Where to do guest posting?

For you to do Guest posting, it is important that you choose the right site with which you can reach an agreement to make the corresponding publications.
In this sense, it is important that you give yourself the task of making a concise and rigorous search of the sites where you can get guest posting. To do this, you can do a Google search for those sites that are highly relevant in your sector. Here we share some tips that you can use to find where to do guest posting :

  • Opt for authority sites: search engines and users look at those sites that have greater relevance and higher quality content. Therefore, by publishing on these sites, you can attract more traffic.
  • Social interaction: you should investigate the social networking activity of such sites and opt for those with many interactions.
  • Do it on different sites: start looking for alliances on different sites where you can do guest posting. Although make sure that it is rare and that all your efforts do not go to this practice because you could suffer penalties from Google.

Benefits of guest posting when a guest author publishes on your blog

One of the most interesting aspects of guest posting is that you can establish a relationship with other bloggers, which you can take advantage of. We want to mention the benefits you will receive when a guest author publishes on your site with this guest posting practice that is part of the link-building strategies.

Variety of content and increased productivity

You will be able to publish new content proposed by the invited authors on your site, who will give another point of view and contribute their knowledge so that you can offer new content to your readers. In this way, you will obtain greater productivity, and you can prepare new content by carrying out better planning and research.

Get better visibility on social channels

When the content is ready to publish, you should make a strategy to spread it on your social networks to have a greater reach. The guest author from their profiles can also do this. By having a large amount of interaction, you will be able to benefit from a higher percentage of visits.

You will expand your target audience

When a highly reputable guest author posts on your site, you may experience greater recognition and have the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Because the blogger’s followers will be able to know your site and be interested in the content you make.

You will achieve strategic collaborations

This is quite an important factor because when you manage to establish a relationship that benefits both parties, you will provide trust, and in this way, you will get a new strategic partner. You can even do new business that allows you a greater projection and growth in the market.

Advantages of doing guest posting on other sites

Although the benefits of guest posting on other sites may vary from the guest posting on our blog, they are really valuable and greatly impact your blog’s growth. Below we are going to mention what they are:

You will gain more authority

Every time you publish on another site, you will be able to obtain more authority in your market niche, which will give you a greater reputation and, therefore, your site will have greater relevance. This usually happens when you manage to make strategic relationships with other bloggers.

You will have better traffic on your website

When you post on a domain that has high authority, you will have the ability to link to pages on your site that you want to rank for. These links that you include naturally allow search engines to recognize your site, and thus you can get higher traffic.
For you to have the desired success and see an increase in traffic, you must agree with the bloggers you are collaborating with so that the “dofollow” tag is included, allowing it to have value for Google.

You will reach a wider audience

By carrying out the publication of content on an external blog through the practice of guest posting, you can expand your target audience. By creating powerful, innovative and creative content, you can attract the attention of new readers who will be interested in obtaining your site’s resources. This will have an impact so that you have greater recognition in the sector and be a benchmark in the industry.

Search for related blogs

Before you start looking for blogs in which you are going to do guest posting collaborations, you must analyse the other party to check if it is compatible with your business model.

You should choose those blogs that are related to the content that you make. But try to complement what you do, not to go along the same lines as your business. This will allow both to benefit and not compete for the same interests.

Choose the blogs you are going to contact

Try to be organized by searching for blogs with which you want to collaborate. Establishing relationships with sites with good authority and reputation in your niche is appropriate. To do this task, we advise you to make a list in an online document, where you place the name of the blog, the address, the authority of the domain, the name of the contact of the person in charge and the status of the contact.

In addition, we recommend you do searches on Google to identify those blogs that allow these practices. You can also use tools like SemRush and search for keywords related to your industry to identify which pages to contact.

Contact the blogger

After you’ve identified the blogs you want to collaborate with, it’s time to get in touch with them. Before, define the topics that you are going to propose to do the writing. Then send the proposal to each contact via email, where you specify the type of relationship you want to agree on.

You will have to raise arguments about why it will benefit both parties to establish said alliance. We recommend that you propose between 1 to 3 topics that you plan to write to make it easier for the other party to consider accepting your proposal.

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