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The IHIP login portal, initiated by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, serves as a crucial online resource within the nation’s comprehensive illness surveillance program, IHIP, designed to swiftly identify early warning signs of diseases and facilitate timely public health interventions for optimal well-being. Furthermore, the Indian government has introduced the IHIP app, an innovative tool that has seamlessly integrated various services from National Health Programmes into the IHIP portal, offering a unified platform. In this article, we will explore the process of accessing the IHIP portal and utilizing the IHIP IDSP for effective disease management.

The IHIP Login Portal is a real-time electronic platform compliant with India’s e-Governance and IT standards, offering an integrated view with geospatial capabilities. It encompasses all government department activities. Candidates, both registered and unregistered, can log in via the official webpage’s IHIP structure. For more on IHIP Portal Entry, see the details below.

What is the IHIP Login Portal?

The IHIP Login Portal, short for the Indian Health and Illness Surveillance Program Login Portal, is a sophisticated online platform established by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This innovative portal plays a pivotal role in the nation’s healthcare system by serving as a centralized hub for healthcare professionals, researchers, and the public alike.

At its core, the IHIP Login Portal is designed to provide seamless access to critical healthcare information and resources. It offers a user-friendly interface where individuals can securely log in to access a wide array of services and data related to disease surveillance, healthcare statistics, and public health initiatives.

Objectives of the IHIP Portal

  • Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) Units have been established at both the state and local levels, accompanied by ongoing efforts to enhance the proficiency of healthcare laboratories.
  • The Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) serves as a crucial tool for recognizing early warning signs, facilitating comprehensive examinations, and enabling timely interventions.
  • The primary emphasis of government healthcare services is directed towards tackling a specific set of top-priority illnesses.


The Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) is a comprehensive public health surveillance program in India aimed at monitoring and controlling various diseases. Its main activities include:

Disease Surveillance: IDSP collects and analyzes data on various diseases, both communicable and non-communicable. It monitors disease trends and outbreaks to detect potential health threats.

Early Warning System: IDSP operates as an early warning system, identifying unusual patterns of diseases or outbreaks. It allows for timely response and containment measures.

Data Collection and Reporting: Health workers and facilities report disease-related data to the program regularly. This data includes information on disease incidence, morbidity, and mortality.

Data Analysis: IDSP employs data analysis tools to generate insights from the collected information. It helps in understanding disease patterns, risk factors, and vulnerable populations.

Capacity Building: The program conducts training and capacity-building initiatives for healthcare personnel, including surveillance officers, to improve their skills in disease surveillance and reporting.

Laboratory Strengthening: IDSP works on enhancing the capabilities of public health laboratories. This includes improving diagnostic facilities and ensuring the timely and accurate testing of samples.

Epidemiological Investigations: When outbreaks occur, IDSP conducts epidemiological investigations to understand the source and transmission of diseases. This helps in devising appropriate control measures.

Public Health Response: Based on the surveillance data and investigation findings, IDSP supports public health authorities in implementing effective response strategies, including vaccination campaigns and treatment.

International Collaboration: IDSP collaborates with international organizations and agencies to share information and best practices in disease surveillance and control.

Main Features of IHIP Login Portal:

  • Reporting real-time healthcare data, providing up-to-the-minute insights into disease trends and health outcomes.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art analytical and data modeling tools, it can discern intricate patterns and correlations within the data, empowering decision-makers with actionable insights.
  • The platform integrates Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities, allowing data to be presented visually on interactive maps and dashboards, enhancing spatial understanding.
  • Role-based alert and feedback systems
  • Recording the geographic coordinates of healthcare facilities
  • It facilitates seamless data integration with other health services, fostering a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare management.

What is the difference between IHIP and IDSP?

The Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) and the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) are both significant components of India’s healthcare infrastructure, but they serve distinct purposes and have different functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between IHIP and IDSP:

Primary Focus:

IHIP (Integrated Health Information Platform): IHIP primarily focuses on health information management, data integration, and providing a centralized platform for accessing healthcare information and resources. It aims to improve the overall healthcare ecosystem by enhancing data-driven decision-making and resource allocation.

IDSP (Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme): IDSP, on the other hand, is primarily focused on disease surveillance and outbreak response. It monitors and tracks the occurrence of diseases, both communicable and non-communicable, to detect and respond to health threats promptly.


IHIP: IHIP functions as a comprehensive health information platform, offering data analytics, visualization, and access to healthcare-related information. It integrates data from various healthcare sources and provides tools for analysis and decision support.

IDSP: IDSP is primarily an epidemiological program that collects, analyzes, and disseminates disease-specific data. It emphasizes early warning, rapid response, and the prevention and control of diseases.

Data Integration:

IHIP: IHIP focuses on integrating various healthcare services and programs into a unified platform, allowing for comprehensive data management and resource optimization.

IDSP: IDSP integrates disease-specific data from multiple sources to monitor disease trends and identify outbreaks.

User Base:

IHIP: IHIP caters to a wide range of users, including healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and the general public. It serves as a resource hub for health-related information and data.

IDSP: IDSP primarily serves healthcare professionals and authorities responsible for disease surveillance and public health response.


IHIP: IHIP aims to enhance healthcare data accessibility, promote data-driven decision-making, and support the overall improvement of healthcare services and outcomes.

IDSP: IDSP’s main goal is to strengthen disease surveillance, early detection of outbreaks, and timely response to public health threats.

How to register IHIP Portal?

If you are considering registering for the IHIP Portal, it’s important to note that online registration is not available. To initiate the registration process, individuals are required to undergo verification by an IHIP Portal-approved official or visit their respective state health ministry for registration.

It is through these authorized representatives that the necessary login information will be provided, granting access to your personal profile. Registration on this platform is exclusively facilitated by these authorities, ensuring the security and integrity of the registration process.

How can I Login IHIP Portal?

Go to the official website (

ihip portal

Now, click on the sign in option on the right side of the menu bar.

ihip sign in

Then, enter the details of login information like username and password.

ihip username and password

Next, enter the captha code for security purpose.

ihip captcha

Finally, click on sign in button.


How to reset Password on IHIP Portal Login?

Start by accessing the homepage of the official IHIP website.

Then proceed to click on the ‘Sign-In’ button.

ihip sign in

Finally, select the ‘Reset Password’ option available on the login screen.


Now, enter your username and click on submit button.


To initiate the password reset process, kindly furnish the required information.

How to download IHIP IDSP App?

  • First, open play store on your device
  • Next, search the IDSP app
  • Check the app details and download the app  and install the app.
  • Finally, Launch the app and follow the instructions and use the app now.

Fill the IHIP P form and S Form Data Entry:

Authorized entities alongside registered users have the permission to input details into the IHIP Portal Entry. Only eligible individuals can effectively perform the IHIP Portal entry tasks. This portal primarily serves for data input functions. If you’re interested in taking on this data input task, please refer to the instructions provided below. Ensure you go through the subsequent steps carefully.

Upon logging in, you can complete and submit either the ‘P’ or ‘IHIP IDSP S’ form on the IHIP IDSP portal.

  • First. Visit the official website or app on your device
  • Next, sign in with your registered login information.
  • Choose the patient form (P form) by selecting ‘Forms’ from the Menu bar.
  • You can now view patient details, including their name, ID number, address, gender, and age.
  • Fill the required details of Patient information in the form.
  • Before proceeding, take a moment to review all the details carefully, and only then, click the submit button.

IHIP Help Desk Information

For candidates encountering issues or seeking assistance, please utilize the IHIP Portal Helpline Number provided below. Reach out to the official authorities for prompt resolution and a streamlined solution to your concerns.

Contact Number – 18001801104

Official Website:   Click Here

For Latest News:   Visit Helpline Portal


The health ministry introduced the IHIP Portal to monitor and swiftly identify widespread diseases, enabling effective crisis management. Timely state-level intervention can prevent epidemics, aided by the National Health Program’s rapid detection system via the nhp gov in app.

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