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How To Unlock Password Protected ZIP File

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Have you ever encountered a password-protected ZIP file and found yourself unable to access its contents? ZIP files can be a source of frustration, especially if they contain important documents. Fortunately, Unlocking password protected ZIP files is now easy with the right tools. In this article, This article will teach you how to open password-protected ZIP files to access their data.

ZIP files offer high security, with the option of setting passwords for added protection against potential attacks. Password-protected ZIP files are commonly found online and can be used to protect sensitive files from being accessed. However, Forgetting the password to your own ZIP file or discovering a downloaded ZIP file is password-protected can be a frustrating problem.

Step 1: Using Third-party Software

ZIP Password Recovery is a secure, efficient tool for retrieving passwords from ZIP archives without compromising file security.

ZIP files can be easily unlocked with this useful tool, which also has 3 different password attack options to recover passwords. Customers have the ability to choose the type of attack that best suits their needs.

Step 1: Install ZIP Password Recovery to easily access ZIP folder contents.

Step 2: After installation, the key panel appears.


Step 3: To unlock a protected folder, select the “Add” option.

word-image-1 zip file

word-image-2 zip file

Step 4: Choose the best attack.

Select the most appropriate attack type with this tool:

Brute Force Attack: Brute force cracking is an illegal attempt to discover passwords by systematically trying every possible combination.

This form should be used if users have no recollection of their login information. AI is designed to explore all possible combinations, eliminating the need for manual settings.

Brute Force With Mask Attack: Brute-force attacks test all possible characters, while mask attacks are more precise and limited by the attacker’s knowledge. To recover lost code, a brute force attack with a mask can be used, followed by customizing the configurations using password hints.

brute force attack

Dictionary Attack: A dictionary attack is a method of hacking into a password-protected system by trying words from the dictionary until the correct one is found.

Using a dictionary is a great way to create secure credentials through character patterns.

Step 1: To find a password, go to Settings and select “Add Dictionary”.

dictionary attack setting

Step 2: Allow the pop-up window to complete its update; it is essential for finishing the procedure.

passfab for Zip file

Step 3: Once all steps are completed, press “start” to use ZIP Password Recovery.

Step 4: After finishing, close the window to exit the system.


Step 5: Use the provided password to gain access to the encrypted ZIP folder.


Method 2: Unlock Password Protected ZIP File With Notepad

Notepad can be used to open password-protected ZIP folders. Decrypting ZIP files can be simple yet complex. The draft folder method can be challenging if you don’t understand the basics. Here are step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

Open ZIP files in Notepad by right-clicking and selecting “Open with” then choosing Notepad from the list of options.

word-image-8 zip file

To find the code “tà” in a complicated code, use Ctrl+F to search and replace it with “53tà”.


Quit Notepad to access password-protected documents without a password.

A Few Final Words

There are multiple ways to open inaccessible ZIP files, allowing you to access the data inside. Many software solutions exist to recover ZIP file passwords. However, To protect data from unauthorized access, use methods to recover ZIP archives.

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