How to Unlock an AT&T Phone Yourself For Free on 2024

AT&T Phone

Have you recently purchased an AT&T iPhone and are wondering how to unlock your ATT phone? Regrettably, you must wait until your contract period ends to officially unlock it. However, is there an alternative method to unlock it before the contract expires? The answer is affirmative. Furthermore, you can unlock your phone on your own by following a few easy steps, which this article will explore in detail.

About AT&T

AT&T Mobility LLC, previously known as Cingular Wireless LLC, is a subsidiary of AT&T’s U.S. telecommunications group and a historic operator in the country. Cingular rose to prominence as the top U.S. mobile operator after SBC Communications acquired AT&T Wireless on October 26, 2004, gaining 24 million customers. Now, it boasts over 50 million subscribers. The company gained further attention with its exclusive Apple iPhone distribution deal.

Why Unlock an AT&T Phone?

The primary motivations for unlocking your AT&T phone can be categorized into two main areas:

International Travel: Envision yourself planning an overseas trip. With a locked iPhone, you’re limited to your existing carrier, which means using a local SIM for affordable calls or data is out of the question. However, with an unlocked phone, these barriers vanish. You gain the flexibility to use any local SIM card, whether it’s a contract or a prepaid one, facilitating cost-effective communication while abroad.

Freedom to Switch Carriers: The ability to switch carriers offers significant advantages. For instance, you might find your current network service unsatisfactory and wish to change to a better provider. An unlocked phone makes this transition seamless. Without unlocking, you’re stuck with your current carrier or faced with the need to buy a new phone from a different carrier, which can be both inconvenient and costly.

Unlock AT&T Phone in Official Way

Consider these prerequisites before unlocking your AT&T phone:

    • Confirm AT&T Affiliation: Ensure that your device is associated with AT&T. Check for the AT&T logo on the screen’s top, the device cover, beneath the battery, or during the restart when the welcome screen displays the AT&T emblem.
    • No Theft or Loss Reports: Phones reported as lost or stolen are ineligible for unlocking.
    • Clear Outstanding Balances: Your account should not have any pending payments. Ensure all dues are fully settled before proceeding with the unlocking process.

Unlock AT&T Phone by AT&T’s Online Unlocking Portal

Unlock Your Device

    • Using AT&T’s Unlock Portal: Start by visiting the AT&T online unlocking portal. Select the “Unlock your device” option to begin.
    • Identify as an AT&T Customer: When prompted, choose ‘Yes’ to confirm you’re an AT&T customer and enter your phone number.
    • Provide Required Information: Fill in the remaining fields with the necessary details about your device and account.
    • Email Confirmation and Link: After submitting your email, AT&T will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours. This email contains a link to proceed with your unlock request. Be aware that this link is valid for only 24 hours; if you click it after this period, your request will expire, necessitating a restart of the process.

Awaiting Approval: AT&T will inform you within 2 to 3 business days whether your unlock request has been approved.

Unlock AT&T iPhone Under Contract

iToolab SIMUnlocker is an expertly crafted application for both Windows and Mac, created to circumvent carrier SIM locks and resolve any activation problems on your iPhone. This straightforward procedure can be completed swiftly. The software utilizes a vulnerability through the Checkra1n tool to unlock the device. During this process, jailbreaking your iPhone is necessary, but following the provided instructions minimizes risks. After completion, your iPhone will be compatible with any global network, effectively bypassing SIM card restrictions.

1. Install the SIMUnlocker and connect your iPhone to the PC

Begin by downloading and installing the SIMUnlocker software on your computer. Once installed, use the original USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC. Ensure that your computer recognizes the iPhone once connected.


2. Jailbreak the phone

As soon as the software identifies your iPhone’s version, it employs the Checkra1n tool to jailbreak the device. A progress bar will display as the necessary package is downloaded. After the download, the iPhone undergoes jailbreaking, followed by the software confirming the device’s eligibility for the process.

Jailbreak the phone

3. Unlock the AT&T SIM card

If your device is eligible, power it off and then restart it while connected to the computer to confirm everything is functioning correctly. After this check, simply press the ‘Unlock’ button to remove the SIM lock.

Unlock AT&T Phone

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