How To Take Care Of Your Dog And Your Busy Schedule


Owning a dog can truly enrich your life. However, when life is busy, it is essential that you still have the time to devote to your dog to ensure that their needs are met. If you’re interested in learning how to still care for your dog when your schedule is hectic, read on for some tips.

Plan Your Quality Time For The Week

One of the best ways to balance your schedule and your dog’s needs is to create a plan containing specific times to walk, relax and play with your dog throughout the week. By creating a time and place, you are more likely to fulfill your obligation. Also, spend small amounts of free time, for example, after cooking dinner, petting, or cuddling with your dog. Making time to exercise with your dog is essential and a great stressbuster for both of you. It is also essential to spend some of your free time bonding with your dog, whether that is cuddling and watching Netflix or teaching your dog new tricks.

Ensure The Essentials

After completing your morning routine before work, make it a regular occurrence to make sure that your dogs have water, food, and access to an area you would like them to use as a bathroom each morning before you leave. Also, provide them with entertainment, e.g., toys or a larger area to explore. By creating this routine, you provide yourself and your dog with the security and comfort of knowing when breakfast and bathroom time is. As it is summer, make sure to leave your dog in a room or house that is at a comfortable temperature if you need to go out without your pet.

Use Online Platforms

There are plenty of websites that you can sign up to which deliver dog food on a  subscription basis. Also, there are also many dogs-walking Facebook groups that you can join to walk your dog with or pay someone to walk your dogs when you are busy. You will also be able to book their errands, such as vet visits and grooming. Ensure they receive their veterinarian check-up every six months by booking an appointment at a trusted vet such as You can save a reasonable amount of time and effort by taking advantage of online platforms to book in advance or get toys and dog food delivered to your door.

Let Your Dog Socialize

As with humans, dogs need to socialize with their friends to be healthy individuals. Add a detour to a dog-friendly park each week. Other alternatives include finding your dog a playmate to meet often, registering your dog for a dog-day care, or consider adopting another dog to keep your dog company during the day.

Dog-Proof Your House

If you want to allow your dogto roam your house freely, make sure doors are closed to areas you don’t want it to damage or use as a bathroom. Hide away valuable objects and take out the trash. Turn off any appliances with wires that your dogmay be able to chew.

Make The Time You Spend with Your Dog Fun

Make the activities you do with your dogfun, relaxing, and engaging so you look forward to them rather than seeing them as boring or monotonous chores. In conclusion, implement these tips to help balance your dog’s welfare and your demanding schedule.

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