How to Stay Safe Playing Online Slots

Online slots are among the top games to enjoy at online casinos. Considering the top features you can get, the top casino software companies supplying these titles infused with top technological innovations offer immense values – visit WizardSlots.

The gameplay for this casino game is simple. Make a wager from a set bet size range, choose the number of paylines (if unfixed), and hit the spin button. You win if the symbols on the reels make a cluster of matching symbols.

The reason for this upsurge of online slots patronage is due to its compatibility with mobile devices. This offers you convenience and higher winning opportunities. With the high number of slot titles being released, there is an importance to know how to stay safe when playing online slots.

There have been an increase in a leak of vital information from different slot machines. Hence, we have put together this guide to help you stay safe as you wager on a pokie machine.

Only Play on Licensed Online Slots

Online slots can be found at internet casinos. As the number of casinos are on the rise, playing slots from reputable and licensed operators is the first step to protection. License here means the gambling site operates within the guidelines of a known regulator.

You can easily confirm the license by checking the terms and conditions page. The risk of betting on online slots without a license could become a fraud incident, making you lose your money.

Choose Slots from Reputable Software Providers

A useful fact to protect you from fraudulent online pokies is to choose titles from known providers. There are several casino software provider companies that produce online slots. A few include Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, etc.

The reason for playing slots from known software suppliers means they come with installed computer algorithms to protect your bets. While online slots are known to have excellent bonuses, you could become a victim of scam bets if you do not select from ranking providers.

You can choose from a select number of known providers by reading reviews from other players.

Start with a Small Wager First

Online slots have an easy gameplay. However, all outcomes are controlled by a computer algorithm, the Random Number Generator. The probability of landing a win varies, and you could get carried away with the simple gameplay involved.

To protect yourself, a small bet for each game round is recommended. You can play for a long time, and maintain your budget.

Look out for Slots with an RTP

An RTP (return to player) value is an estimate of how much you should get after playing for a long time. It is expressed in percentage, and represents a theoretical representation of what you’re getting. You should only play slots which boldly show the RTP value. This will serve as a metric of what you’re supposed to win after a while.

The general rule for online slots is that the closer the RTP value to 100%, the bigger and better your cash prizes will be. Wagering on online pokies with an RTP value less than 95% could be disastrous, meaning you can play for a long time without recording a win.

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