If you had any backup for this, it will take few minutes to solve the problem. However, if not then you will have to make use of recovery software. What is the best choice in the market?

These pictures and videos that we store on our SD cards can be very precious. Therefore, it can be a huge blow when you experience data loss on these cards. If you had any backup for this, it will take few minutes to solve the problem. But what happens when there was no backup? In such cases, recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit becomes necessary.

This kind of data recovery software can help you retrieve up to 95% of lost files on your SD card. Find out all that is possible with Wondershare Recoverit in restoring files from your memory card within easy steps.

Causes of data loss from SD cards

Data stored on an SD card may come with different complications or issues either due to carelessness or even malicious software attack. Depending upon reasons that caused your data loss some might succeed while others won’t initiate such process at all since specific reasons sometimes require hardware/ software solution.

Some of the main causes of losing information on an SD card are as follows:

Accidental deletion: We all have been through situations where we accidentally delete a file by mistake during one moment or another but if one does not have back-up copies for his/her files; they might lose them forever hence before deleting important documents check twice also keep regular backups.

Format errors: Formatting an SD card will result in wiping out everything saved on it; similarly doing so mistakenly could give rise to losing all your folders/files which are contained inside thereby prior formatting back up essential stuffs.

File system crash: In case corruption occurs at file system level, accessing any filed stored therein would become impossible. This could happen for instance as a result of power interruption while the card is in use. To detect and fix SD card errors, you may use tools such as CHKDSK.

Physical damage: SD cards are sensitive devices that can easily get damaged when mishandled. Once your SD Card is broken or damaged, you may not be able to access any files saved there. Remember to delicately handle them and store at secure places.

Viruses and malware: Similarly computers, SD cards are also susceptible to virus attacks/malware. Such harmful applications can delete corrupt files too. Regularly scan your PC with an antivirus program so as to keep it safe from online threats.

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How-to Use Some Software to Recover Lost Data From SD Card?

Wondershare Recoverit is the right software for recovering data on SD card. Using this straightforward application will help you retrieve your deleted or lost files quickly plus 95% success rate in recovery process that makes it best choice among others in case you have mistakenly deleted a file or memory card got damaged thereby resulting into loss of data which could be within few minutes by using Recoverit software.

The greatest thing about it all is that you don’t need to be an expert in computers to use this software. With an easy user-interface and a step-wise guide, anyone can access their data using Recoverit. Here are some simple steps you can follow to recover information from your SD card with Wondershare Recoverit.

Download and Install Wondershare recoverit on your computer. You can get it downloaded from the official Wondershare website.

Insert the SD card into its respective slot on the computer. If preferred, one may use card reader built externally which connects through USB port of the computer.

Open software and select card. Open Wondershare Recoverit and choose which SD card you want scanned for data recovery.

Scanning starts. Press ‘Start’ button to start scanning process. The program will look for all missing files on SD card so as to recover lost data from sd card.

Wait until scan completes. Scanning time depends on how huge your SD card is and how much information is supposed to be searched by them.

How To Recover Lost Data From Sd Card Without Software

Another possibility could also be that there might be a hardware issue preventing access to your memory cards’ information set. In this case, simply put, you will not read the sdcard in any way, hence this problem cannot be solved using software either; however, there still exists two options:

External wipe the SD card

The contacts on the SD card can sometimes get dirty and cause reading and writing problems. In case you suspect that this is what is causing the problem, try cleaning the contacts of your SD card by using a soft clean piece of cloth or cotton swab.

You may also use a damp cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol if any dirt or dust is stuck in them. Once you have done this, put it back in the laptop to see if it can still read files.

Alternative check if the SD card works with another SD reader

Your computer’s card reader might not be working properly and hence reading and writing troubles on your SD card. To rule out this possibility, try to test the SD card with some other SD readers whether on your different computer or external reader.

If you are able to access the files on another reader, it means that there is a problem with the computer’s memory stick slot rather than an issue with the memory stick itself. The best course of action would be to troubleshoot for memory stick faults online or using another memory stick to access our files from this one.

How to protect my sdcard against data loss?

There have been occasions when handling your sd-cards, when you had a few scares whether you were able to recover those files or not. It always looks like more risk prevention is better than fixing something broken; thus we need to follow these measures:

Back up often. Data protection involves making copies of it on any external storage device or in cloud services such as Dropbox. If you lose data on your flash drive, then restore it from backup copies.

Handle with care. They are quite delicate and can get damaged easily if handled carelessly, so do not bend twist, kink or subject them under extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Format carefully. Be careful while formatting an sdcard – make sure there are no important files left which must be saved by copying them to another place. You need to choose the format of your SD card correctly and follow instructions.

Antivirus program must be used. Like computers, flash drives can be attacked by viruses and malwares, so they should be regularly scanned with an antivirus program that will protect your computer from online threats too.

Keep it safe. The sd card should never be kept in a position where you lose it for long time; store it away from heat sources like fire places or magnets in electronic devices. Also you might want to use a protective case on your sdcard to prevent damage.

Get back all files with wondershare recoverit

Undeniably, Wondershare Recoverit is the best tool for data recovery of SD cards, thus this software is recommended whenever there is such need. What’s more, this data retrieval application interacts well with not only secure digital but also USB memory sticks, hard disks and SSDs. Besides these facts I changed nothing else about my previous statements because they were true.

Remember also to make at least one or more back up copies of the vital data on your SD cards. This is the only way to keep your information safe and never experience unexpected losses.