How to Create the Perfect Promo Video

A good promo video is everything. It can make you reschedule your calendars to make time for a film on a weekday. It can create an obsessive desire for that new I-phone X. However, most importantly, it can create a lasting impression.

It isn’t just Youtubers and filmmakers who have to deal with shooting and editing videos. You would have to too, at some point in your life. Well, it could be for Facebook or Instagram. Maybe a music video for your best friend’s birthday? Either way, you would have had to do some video editing to get to the end result.

In this article, we shall discuss some websites that can help you with promo video templates.

Why do you need a promo video?

Promo video is an easy way to approach viewers in this time-constraint era. It could include a full-fledged demonstration of the product/service at hand or even a feature film. That explains why promo-videos are usually short in length. They are designed to make an impact in a specific amount of time.

A good promo can engage your viewer instantly. In the case of advertising promo videos, this is a major advantage. Once you have the buyer’s attention, the sales routine becomes far easier. For Youtube content creators, a good promo could drive subscriptions and create interest in you.

What is the secret sauce to a good promo?

For starters, good content. Surely, you have that sorted. What you need now, is an easy editing portal where you could churn out an interesting promo video. The question is – Which one?

Well, there are several sites online where anyone could cut videos without any professional editing skills. Most of these sites also have simple templates to help you get to your final cut with ease.

Here’s a list of some efficient promo video editing sites:

  • InVideo.io
  • biteable.com
  • wevideo.com
  • videohive.com
  • envato.com

How do these websites work?

InVideo, for example, has many templates to suit your needs. From size variations to thematic templates, it has everything to make your life easier. The wide array of template options offers a starting point towards a well-edited promo video. Once the vision is clear, all you need to do is fill in the templates with your video footage.

The best part is, you can create your promo video for free! 

So, how would you go about it?

  • Get on InVideo and click on categories
  • Look up Video Ads
  • Search for a template that suits you best
  • Select a size ratio
  • Upload your videos
  • You’re good to go

The primary advantage of using a website to edit your videos is convenience. First-time editors could navigate easily along with the user-friendly interface. Complex editing problems are met with easy solutions on InVideo.

How do I make my promo interesting?

Think of a promo video as a sneak peek. You need to grab the viewer’s attention while still not giving out too much information. A good promo should tempt you into watching the full film or read up further on the subject. In the case of products/services, the promo should instantly create interest.

Here are some editing tips for cutting a smashing promo:

  • Pick an ideal template

Picking the perfect template is half the battle won. A template decides the pace and structure of the promo. You must identify the category under which your promo video belongs and select the template accordingly. For example, InVideo offers templates like restaurant marketing videos, Snapchat videos, real estate videos, Facebook videos, etc.

  • Content specifics

Like they say in media school, “content is king”. It is the content in your promo video that is going to create a memory in the viewer’s mind. However, you must not compromise with the quality of your video content. While uploading videos on an editing site like InVideo, make sure all that they are all of a similar format and aspect ratio. InVideo helps you with template aspect ratios, but you must maintain uniformity to be sure of an excellent final product.

  • Graphics and titles

Words can speak volumes. Enhance your promo video by adding suitable titles to give your viewers more information in a short time. Graphics could be the salient heroes that take your promo video from good to ‘you have to watch it’! An amalgamation of graphics and titles could elevate the impact of your video. Integrating professional video transitions from Film Impact can also help move your promo video from one scene to the other. It is important to use transitions thoughtfully and always serve the story since they have different meanings and symbolisms.

  • Audio and  music

Pro Tip – The ears are as important as the eyes.

Content creators usually ignore the importance of good audio. Make sure your audio is not cluttered. Keep it simple. A good selection of background music could seal the deal.

  • Duration

Yes, a promo video must be short. But, how short? Well, that would depend on the purpose of the promo video, the product/service at hand, and your target audience. Your video must be elaborate enough to bring the point home. However, it must be concise enough to not lead to boredom.

What all can I edit on websites like InVideo?

Promo videos, certainly. However, you could also create a Youtube video using this easy video editing website. InVideo assists you in creating videos that match the quality of other content on the platforms. All content creators could find easy hacks to editing challenges on InVideo.

Now that my promo is done, what should I do?

Flaunt it! More importantly, make sure it reaches your audience. You could begin to expect positive reactions from your viewers. That’s the beauty of an online editing website. It manages to package your video impressively and engagingly. The better your video, the more the impact!

Remember, your promo video is your one shot at a good impression. Don’t blow your chances with amateur editing and unprofessional filmmaking. A website can do everything to sharpen your promo video and create that lasting impression amongst your audience.  There is a range of websites that help make the editing process for the Promo video far simpler; for example – InVideo, an easy YT video editor.

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