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How to Build a Profitable Dating Service Using WordPress

From the launch of the first commercial dating outlet a couple of decades ago, online dating has evolved into a global industry, currently generating over $3 billion in annual income. One reason for the unparalleled success of this social activity is the diverse range of websites available to millions of singles. Many budding entrepreneurs have recognized the business potential offered by launching a digital dating site. If you’re considered going down this route, an obvious starting point would be utilizing the world’s most flexible bespoke web design platform: WordPress. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

Decide on your angle

In many respects, the easiest aspect of putting together a profitable dating site is putting together the web pages. After all, the whole ethos of WordPress is that you don’t have to be some kind of expert web developer or coding guru to build a site. You just need a grasp of how to customize the existing bespoke templates you can download. But before you get to that stage, you’ll need to have an idea of the type of website you wish to publish. You need to select your niche. One of the recent online dating trends is dating services for mature individuals.  So you can choose to consider existing dating sites and use that as your launchpad. So if you want to create a dating website for mature singles, you can take as an example flirtymature dating platform and look at the overall look, how they encourage their visitors to visit and how they are monetizing their venture. This will inform aspects you’ll need to deal with further down the line.

Choosing your theme

One of the most recommended themes you can adopt is called PremiumPress. Specifically designed with dating in mind, this theme is readily tailored, containing appropriate page layouts that are already ‘good to go,’ with no need to begin flustering with additional plug-ins or add-ons.

Manipulating the template

When you download this WordPress theme, you’ll see a page opening up on your screen that is fairly intuitive. On the left-hand side menu bar are headings such as reports, design setup, profile setup, memberships, newsletter, order manager, advertising, and toolbox. The main panel consists of homepage content, logo & colors, layout, leader, search, footer, and sidebar. A powerful front-end page builder allows you to put together the basic elements of your dating site, with the page-building functions covering everything from a text editor to images, buttons to dividers. There’s also scope to include GoogleMaps and videos, and much more. There are up to 60 drag-and-drop design tools that make it very straightforward to create eye-catching page layouts.

Changing the look

As stated, you don’t require to have even a basic understanding of coding. By applying various design themes you can instantly change to look of your dating site by clicking a few buttons.

Inbuilt dating options

As well as providing all the functionality you could require to alter the theme and style, there are exciting ways to monetize your website. You can include a chat room, including private messaging, online matchmaking, advance searching, and even incorporate gift options. Membership packages can be customized, with headings ranging from free to bronze, then silver. The tool even takes into account membership sign-up processes. All of these features can be turned on and off within the site’s admin area. There is also a translation-ready function, with multiple-language options.

Maintaining the momentum

Another terrific aspect of this WordPress-based theme is that new design themes are being added constantly, making it simple to keep a fresh look. You can give your site a makeover in next to no time, giving the impression there is always going to be something new for customers!

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