How smart does a Huawei ‘smart scale’ need to be?

smart scale

Smart scales are technology-based scales accommodated with several additional features. The characteristics held up by smart scales may make it easier and even more approachable for people to attain their fitness and wellbeing objectives than standard bathroom scales. Smart scales can track and are capable of saving data; scale sale have a strong hand in communicating with other intelligent devices like fitness trackers and smartphones. Users can also create objectives, track their progress, and exchange information.

Smart Scale Smart App

Weight gain and weight are connected with the whole body functioning and malfunctioning. But now, one won’t just be blinded by the weight representation; This smart scale will push the users to foresee the real reason behind it and assist them in changing it. 

The Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale can assist the user in reaching the goals they have set. It isn’t just an ordinary weighing scale that represents the weight and makes you regret everything. But in reality, undeniably, it is of great use. 

The correct way of using it is through the Huawei health app. The app is a powerful asset through which users can maintain and manage how the process needs to be attempted and proceeded. 

App controls

Once it is downloaded and connected with the newly bought scale, all the information will be available on the phone via Bluetooth. After the connection is strong, one will be able to check many prospects of the body, such as body weight, fat of the body, the mass that is actually in the form of fluid, and mass taken up by the muscles. Not only this, but one will also have access to the basal metabolism ratio, the mineral content of the bone, visceral fat, and the profiling of the body. This information will segregate the aspects for the user to understand the weight represented on the digital screen.

How do smartphones connect with the smart scale?

Follow the given instructions to know about this connectivity and analytical process. 

  1. At the very first, the user is requested to download the application on the smartphone. 
  2. Once downloaded then, log in and connect the scale via Bluetooth. 
  3. After this is completed, Click the start measurement option.
  4. A Bluetooth symbol will ensure that it is connected. Stand on the scale and be there for a second; the weight will be represented. 
  5. Now the scale will perform the analysis of the body composition. 

BIA in working

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)Trusted Source can also be used to collect biometric data such as body fat, bone density, resting heart rate, and water %. 

The scales transmit a modest electrical charge through the body during BIA. Because different physiological tissues, such as muscle, fat, and bone, have variable levels of water content, their electrical conductivity varies. The BIA uses this information to compute a person’s body composition.

Note: The electrical impulse feature can be turned off easily without causing any hustle on most smart scales. This feature should be turned off before using these machines if the user is pregnant or has a medical device implanted, such as a pacemaker.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, the modifications and weight the user will see will be reasonably accurate. That is, after all, the most crucial aspect of fitness data collection. It’s the ability to recognize a pattern over time. The user is interested in tracking that shift; at times, users don’t care about the daily readings; but they are concerned about if they are losing weight or growing muscle over time. 

Don’t forget that these smart scales also keep track of bodily weights. At the very least, these scales help us automatically keep track of our weight. Stepping on a scale once a week and then being able to follow the weight over time on your phone is quite convenient.

Many individuals are convinced that smart scales are well worth the money. The price is reasonable, and they believe they can easily acknowledge and appreciate what an intelligent scale offers if one is willing to track statistics.


Using smart scales to capture body biometrics and connect the data with popular fitness apps is a straightforward method to track your progress. This could aid in weight management and achieving fitness and health objectives.

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