Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There’s a possibility that you’ve never had the chance to hire or fire someone. However, if you’d want to hire a virtual assistant, you are now in the position to make that important decision—to hire someone.

However, hiring a virtual assistant is a big challenge—especially if you’ve never done it before. First, you’ll never meet this person physically, and you will need to gauge their personality and expertise through chat or video interviews. With that said, the following are the top questions to ask when hiring a virtual assistant.

What made you choose a virtual assistant as a career?

Most people might consider this to be a vague question when searching for a virtual assistant. However, it is not. In fact, it will help you in determining whether the prospective virtual assistant is comfortable about sharing their information and if they are OK with open-ended questions. Besides, it will help you to see what details they choose to share and stress, and what they don’t. Lastly, this is an amazing way to begin your conversation, in a casual and relaxed manner.

How long have you worked as a VA?

This question will allow you to determine the virtual assistant’s experience from the word goes. Has the virtual assistant managed to create their own virtual assistant business, instead of freelancing? If the virtual assistant has managed to do so, they will not only be in a position to understand your requirements for a VA’s viewpoint, they will also do it from a business perspective,—which is a plus for you.

What is your experience and background as a virtual assistant? What is your skillset, if any?

According to a remote staffing agency, Allshore, you must seek to know what the virtual assistant has accomplished in their career. Such questions will also help you to know whether the virtual assistant is the right match for your job. Ask them how they came to choose this career. Are there specific industries that they’ve worked on in the course of their career?

This question will assist you in determining the VA’s adaptability. If the virtual assistant has managed to work in different industries, and on different roles, then they have a wide skill set. Such a virtual assistant would be a great fit for your job opening, especially if you are searching for an all-round virtual assistant, who’s not afraid of getting new tasks or change.

Also, you might discover that the VA specializes in a specific area, which they’ve been working on throughout their entire career. Such a person can bring lots of experience with them, which might be what you are searching for.

Can you show me examples of projects you’ve handled in the past?

You should never fail to ask this question! If you are seeking the virtual assistant for a particular role, then you must see examples of similar projects that they have done. If the VA cannot give you a particular example, then the choice to hire them depends on you—after all, your gut instinct will also influence the decision that you will make.

When asking this question, it might be a challenge for some VA’s to give you examples of their previous work—especially if they’ve signed NDAs for those projects. So, the best thing that you can do is to give them a test job to complete. This is a great way to see what the virtual assistant can do first hand. Professional virtual assistants will be more than willing to undertake this test, especially if the opportunity is promising.

Do you have clients at the moment? If so, how many?

This will help you to determine if the virtual assistant has enough time for your job. The last thing you’d like to do is to hire a seasoned virtual assistant who’s already working for 15 clients. Hiring such virtual assistants can present a great challenge, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines.

What’s your normal working schedule?

Maybe you are searching for someone who’s always available from 9 am and the virtual assistant’s work schedule starts at 10 am. It’s important to get this information from the word go. There might be a possibility that the VA can adjust their schedule—so long as you are willing to pay more. Getting this information from the beginning will prevent disappointments or frustrations down the line.

What’s your local time zone?

The VA’s local time zone might not have a big impact on your business. However, it can make the much-needed difference, especially when you require the VA’s presence during morning hours or late afternoons, and yet you are not in the same time zone. Whenever possible choose a virtual assistant with a time zone difference of +2 or -2 hours.

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