RajkotUpdates.News : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading

The government is considering levying taxes on cryptocurrency trading. This move has been met with mixed reactions, as it would bring cryptocurrencies into the formal tax system. As the prevalence of cryptocurrencies increases, it is essential to make sure that each transaction is traceable and liable to taxation. Levying TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency trading will help the government to effectively regulate and monitor these transactions and ensure that traders pay their due taxes.

The Indian crypto community is concerned about the potential tax implications of the government’s plans to implement TDS and TCS on trading. The news of TDS and TCS charging has created a stir in the public, prompting discussions on how it will affect them.

Cryptocurrency- The Highlight

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency secured with cryptography, and does not rely on any central banking system. Cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology, allowing for secure and accurate record-keeping of transactions. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are becoming more widely used.

Implications coming into the picture of cryptocurrency

RajkotUpdates.News : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading, The government is introducing regulations for cryptocurrency trading, requiring buyers and sellers to report their activity for taxation. TDS and TCS can now be collected in cryptocurrency, allowing the government to collect taxes on digital assets from all users. Tax evasion will no longer be an option with the new consequence. The government is introducing a scheme to ensure proper regulation of cryptocurrency trading.

Declaration regarding the TDS and TCS to be charged

Although Indian authorities have not yet laid out any clear laws concerning cryptocurrency trading, there is still an element of uncertainty surrounding its use in India. The Indian Supreme Court issued a circular in March 2020, authorizing the cryptocurrency trading in India. Financial institutions such as banks are prohibited from providing services to businesses related to cryptocurrency.

The government should establish regulation and taxation for cryptocurrency trading. There is confusion around the potential implementation of a TDS and TCS levy.

Tax to be charged on cryptocurrency

The Indian government is planning to tax cryptocurrency, meaning profits and capital gains would be subject to TDS and TCS. The government will tax cryptocurrency transactions according to set rules.

Every transaction involves the deduction of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) from the payment made to the seller, and remittance of the same to the government by the buyer. It basically serves as an agent who collects taxes on behalf of the authorities. Sellers can claim a tax credit for TDS deducted when filing their returns.

TCS enables sellers to easily and securely collect taxes from buyers and remit them to the government following cryptocurrency transactions.

Buyers can get a tax credit for TCS payments.

Taxpayers must correctly file their taxes and adhere to TDS/TCS requirements or risk facing fines and other legal costs. Taxpayers must file tax returns for cryptocurrency transactions, including any applicable capital gains taxes. Failure to pay taxes can result in legal fines and punishments.

Members of the Cryptocurrency market dealing with it

There is now a debate about whether or not to impose taxes on cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency investors in India are concerned about the government’s tax regulations, raising questions about the future of the market.

Cryptocurrency tax regulations have been implemented to solidify legitimacy, build trust, and increase investor confidence.


It’s uncertain whether the government’s proposal to tax cryptocurrency trading will be implemented. India needs to impose regulations and taxes on cryptocurrencies to ensure their safe use. An online platform offers fast and reliable currency conversion and exchange, allowing users to convert between currencies like LKR to USD and many others.

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