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8 Genuine Ways to get more likes in Instagram Posts

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Genuine Ways to get more likes in Instagram Posts: Instagram has taken the world by storm in the past few years. Almost 500 million users use Instagram daily. Some are posting reels on trends; some are just sharing their pictures with the world. Now, Instagram has become a famous site to create one’s brand and getting verified as a Public Figure or a Brand in Instagram serves its perks. There are many ways to know how to get likes on Instagram.

Ok, so let’s see eight simple ways of increasing the likes on Instagram!

  • Managing your account posts based on your niche

It is a simple fact that the audience or people come to those accounts that either add value to their lives or provide entertainment. This is where niche comes into play. It is essential to do what is unique to you and work on that niche to give your best every time and get appreciated by your followers or non-followers by a shower of likes.

Example- posting Singing videos if you are interested in music or yourself a good singer.

Based on the audience or followership, you have to properly manage the posts that will interest them and entertain them.

  • Posting Reels on Instagram

Reels are a wonderful tool to increase account reach and get visible to many people at one go. It is important to note that your likes count will only increase if your content is good and if your account is known to more people once you put a reel- A short video of 15 secs with a very trendy song. Then you can easily expect that your reel will reach 100 people.

So go ahead and make yourself visible to people and let people know you! Become a celebrity! The sky’s the limit, my friend!

  • Using Hashtags

After posting, hashtags can act as a booster to your post. Hashtags help categorize your post and organize it so that more people will be able to see your post. We don’t even know that by the accounts we follow and like the content, Instagram sorts our most likeable content and shows us that particular content-related accounts.

Based on this, you can understand that when you put proper hashtags, you optimize your posts and categorize them, making the Instagram algorithm take note of your posts and showcase them to people who might be interested in your content.

Note: Use hashtags with the greatest number of posts since they are mostly used by people and hence are most shown to the people who might not know your account, leading to more likes and follows.

  • Giving Proper Captions

Based on the content posted, if your caption is appropriate, it also acts as leverage in boosting your post and engaging your audience. A well-written caption can act as a guide, reaction, engagement, etc., and are hence well used in Instagram to get more likes.

  • Consistent Posting

Posting consistently helps increase your activity, and the more you are active, the more it reaches the people, but again I must remind you that Content is KING… So post your content keeping quality in mind. Quantity is worthless if the post is not of quality.

  • Adding IGTV to collect more likes-

IGTV videos are a longer version of the reels. It allows you to post large videos, as large as 10-15 mins. And the best part is, it is as effective as Instagram reels. You can get more people to view your IGTV videos and get known on Instagram with proper hashtags. You can use the IGTV feature to start your channel, but it is preferred you use YouTube for that since Instagram users do not tend to stay on the same post for more than 2-3 mins.

  • Tagging Relevant Users

Tagging users relevant to post content can lead to a good likes count since if those users like your post, it is possible that Instagram will showcase your posts to their followers.

  • Location Tagging

Tagging location in every post helps in localizing the content that means IF you tag INDIA in your location, then people who have given their nationality Indian will see your posts. Localizing the posts gives you more likes since more people can relate to your post easily.

With these eight methods, now you know how to get more likes on Instagram, right? Keep hustling!

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