The best 2021 free reverse phone lookup services you should try

Have you ever received a spam call from an unknown number? It’s now easy to track these unknown numbers without going to the local authorities for help. Inventors have a new way to get the person, using that unknown number to call you. The modern tracking means will save you in this long and time-consuming process. You will only run the phone number in a database and get the personal details associated with the number. The information you receive will include birthdays and social media accounts. It also has school attended and any criminal activity data. The sites are possible to alert you to potential scam callers.

Instant checkmate

The instant checkmate is a helpful service you can use to find more history about a phone number. It can search any number and provide the information needed with immediate effect. It’s a perfect alternative to a local police station when you need these services. Using the local authorities can take a longer time. The advantage of the local police is they provide a more accurate report about the same problem.


It’s an affordable version available.

It updates cell phone applications continuously.

It supports all cell phone apps for iOS and Android platforms.

The paid membership provides unlimited searches.

There is transparency in how you manipulate the data you find.


You need to be a member to use this service.

The cost

The trial version lasts for five days charging $1 only. After the trial membership, you have to sign for a whole membership plan of $35 monthly. The quarterly subscription is $28 and $5 every month for the reverse phone lookup feature.


The service offers a wide range of reverse phone number search features. You will access this if you decide to use it permanently on the instant checkmate site. The site provides the following information:

Email address.

Places lived.

Marriage and divorce information.

Sex offender’s information.

Cell phone number.

Current residential areas.

Age and birthday.

Any different aliases used.

It allows you to look up unknown email addresses. You won’t struggle with spam and promotional emails.

Customer service

It’s a five-star rating of customer service. They are friendly, and you can cancel the membership via email.

The TruthFinder

The TruthFinder phone number lookup service gives much detailed information. You will access all private and public databases in the USA. It allows a personal search to see your data and the data that others will get when searching for you. You can access the tool on iOS and Android gadgets. It has a feature that allows a dark web search.


It gives a detailed report for every search made.

There are no hidden charges. The pricing is transparent and straightforward.

It offers reliable customer service.

It’s an efficient and user-friendly cellphone application.

It’s evident in its data retrieval methods.


You must be a member to use it.

It doesn’t have the free testing version.

The phone search membership is different from the actual membership.

The cost

Membership is $29 and discounted to $24 every month. It’s after you subscribe for a two-month subscription. The reverse phone lockup feature is $5 per month. The cost for downloading any search report is $2.


The company is transparent in its operation. It provides feedback on each search after ten minutes. Databases are always up to date, and you will access social media and users’ public records.

Customer service

The service is good, but you have to call in physically to cancel your membership. There is an issue of recurring promotional emails to clients.


The design of this platform is for personal use. It aids in finding and searching for old friends from school. It offers anonymous searches safeguarding the searcher’s identity.

It has a massive database of people. The email or reverse phone lookup doesn’t leave any single digital fingerprint behind.

It has a trial version to lookup any account information and provides a detailed report.


It has cheaper subscriptions.

Provides detailed data.

It includes all data on education and work in the report.


It has poor customer reviews.

Its prices aren’t transparent.


The premium plus plan is $30 every month. The premium version is $20, and background checks $40. Checking criminal records is $15 in a state and $30 countrywide.

The reverse address lookup service is $15, and reverse phone searches are $1. The people searches are $1.


Features include reverse lookup searches, background searches, criminal records, and public records. Reverse cellphone number lookups and people tracking are features too.

Customer service

Even though the customer service is good, it needs some improvements.


The best phone lookup service is a perfect opportunity to get the records of your person of interest. Spend more time to be sure that the person you are letting into your life is reliable. The TruthFinder seems to be the best free reverse phone lookup service.

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