Five Cities to Move to for Tech Jobs

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When you work in technology, there are some defined destinations for work. Silicon Valley used to be the end-all-be-all for tech jobs, but this is no longer the case. Between the oversaturation of start-ups and nosebleed rent, tech companies of all kinds have begun moving their operations elsewhere. Mid-sized cities across the United States have become tech hubs. This is pleasing to some and annoying to others. Whatever the opinion of the locals, there are some clear destinations for tech jobs. Here are five cities you should think about moving to for a job in the business of technology.


Seattle has become dominated by tech, so much so that they even have a derisive nickname for the workers. “Tech boys” as many people in Seattle call them have taken over the financial landscape of this historically hip city. Where the 1990s were the boom for underground music in Seattle, now the boom is tech businesses. Seattle has always been a city of booms, but not everyone is excited by the latest success. Hotels in Seattle are accommodating tech business leaders from afar and many people have moved in. Tech is changing the city, but if you are in the business Seattle might be a good option for a place to move. It is one of the best cities in America.


Austin, the eclectic capital of Texas, has become a boomtown all its own. At least that’s what Elon Musk called it when he moved his operations to Austin. Even before Musk’s arrival, Austin was becoming a great city for tech businesses. Not only is there no state tax, but the atmosphere of Austin is conducive to just about anyone. It is a welcoming city with a particular attitude. While tech companies might not “keep Austin weird,” it will bring in new people with new ideas. The capital of Texas has become an unlikely center for innovation.

San Francisco

Of course, San Francisco remains a tech hub. While the influx of tech companies operating in the Bay Area and people living in San Francisco has undoubtedly left its mark on this classic American city, its character is tough to destroy. Now, as technology businesses move beyond Silicon Valley, San Francisco can breathe. The rent prices have been greatly increased by the newcomers. Like Seattle, the locals in San Francisco may not be too happy about the changes, but if you are in the business of technology and want to live in a cool, liberal, and interesting place, San Francisco still may be one of your best options—if you can afford it.


Denver is becoming another hub of technology for a variety of reasons. The business environment is favorable. The rent is affordable. There are many educated young people looking for jobs in engineering and computer science. It is a mid-sized city where business owners can find their way to success. Offices are less expensive than they are in larger cities. The culture of the city lends itself to the casual professionalism that comes with tech companies. It is, for many people, the place to pursue sustainable growth. 


Atlanta is quickly becoming another tech hub in the United States for many reasons. It is a large city, with many workers to choose from. It is an affordable place to set up shop. The government has made it enticing for tech owners to relocate or start their company in Atlanta. Overall, the economy of Georgia’s capital is growing fast. It is a dynamic city with already so much to offer. Tech is just the next field that Atlanta will become known for.

Whatever part of the country you are looking to move to, there are plenty of cities that cater to tech jobs. You don’t have to look too far to find a place that is great for people who work in technology. However, each city has its own take on the new arrivals from the tech industry. There are many factors to consider. If you think about the rent, the business climate, the local outlook, and character of the city, you should be able to find the right place for you and your career. These five cities won’t disappoint.

Ryan Beitler is a writer who has covered technology, business, and travel for many publications.

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