6 Easy Ways To Beef Up Your Company’s Cyber Security Measures

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is one of the essential components of an organization, regardless of its infrastructure. This is especially true now that cybercriminals have access to advanced technologies that can make them a lot more dangerous. Hence, now would be the best time to beef up your company’s security. Alas, implementing cyber security measures often takes a lot of time and money. Moreover, there’s no guarantee it’ll work.

On the bright side, there are cyber security measures that don’t require a lot of resources to enforce in an organization. Below are six of these measures:

Have An IT Support Staff On Standby

Every now and then, you’ll stumble upon instances that leave your company in an unsecured state. These are often unavoidable, and they’ll happen whether you like it or not. Take blackouts, for example. Whenever these occur, your main office would have no way of protecting itself from remote attacks originating from other places. These instances can be disastrous as cybercriminals only need a few minutes or even seconds to infiltrate a system.

Therefore, you should consider having an IT support staff on standby somewhere else. You can do so by providing your staff from one of your branches access to your computer systems.

Since you’re looking for an easy way to approach this, you can hire a remote IT support team. By doing so, you’re preventing the company from being unsecured during unexpected events. If you’re from Australia, IT Support Melbourne would be worth considering.

Have Password Rules

You should know very well how vital passwords are for cyber security. Unfortunately, these can be hacked due to recent groundbreaking technologies. Hence, it’s advisable to implement password rules across your organization. This is to ensure all your employees have a strong password to combat basic hacking tactics. Here are a few examples of rules you can implement:

Must be at least eight characters

Include lowercase and uppercase letters

Include numbers

Include at least one special character

Cyber Security

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As crucial as passwords may be, they can’t protect against all types of threats. Cybercriminals would eventually come up with ways to bypass this authentication factor and infiltrate your computer systems. That’s where multi-factor authentication comes in.

MFA is a procedure wherein you require more than one authentication factor from the user, apart from passwords. This may include:

Security questions

One-time password (OTP)



By adding another authentication factor, you’re essentially creating another layer of security on your employees’ accounts.

Limit Access To Only Those Who Need It

The idea of providing access to all your employees can be appealing, but it might be best if you don’t do that. For one, by providing access to more people, you’re increasing the risk of security breaches due to phishing. Furthermore, firewalls aren’t omnipotent. They might be able to protect against external threats, but they can’t protect the system from unsuspecting employees.

Simply put, you should make sure access to sensitive information is only given to those who need it. This is perhaps one of the easiest cyber security measures to implement.

Update Existing Systems Regularly

As stated earlier, hackers are gaining access to all sorts of technologies that give them the upper hand against companies. If you or your software can’t keep up, it’ll eventually fall into the hands of these criminals.

One of the easiest ways to keep your security up-to-date is by updating your existing software regularly. You can either manually update them as the patches roll out, or you can enable auto-updates using some sort of tool. With an up-to-date security system, your computer networks won’t be left unsecured.

Conduct Regular Training

The human threat is an incredibly significant factor in cybersecurity. After all, the leading cause of cyberattacks, especially on large corporations, is social engineering—a tactic that manipulates employees into sharing sensitive information. While it’s impossible to eliminate the possibility of employees falling for this trick, there are ways to minimize the risks.

One way is by conducting regular training for your employees. By scheduling a training session or a lecture every few months or so, you can keep your employees up-to-date with recent social engineering tactics. This method is relatively easy to implement since the internet has all the training materials you need.

Wrapping Up

While it’s great that you can beef up your company’s cyber security with these easy methods, you should also invest in a more secure and comprehensive security measure. Cybercriminals are evolving, and so should you. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before their tactics overwhelm your security measures. The good news is the tech industry is also coming up with ways to further ensure organizations’ security. You only have to use these technologies to your advantage.

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