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Instagram stories have become a popular way for people to share their daily lives with friends and followers. But what happens when you don’t want someone to be able to view your story? That’s where Dumpor Instagram Story Viewers come in. The Dumpor is an app that allows users to block people from viewing their stories without having to block them on Instagram. It also allows users to view who has viewed their stories and even take screenshots of those viewers. With Dumpor, users can control who can see their stories and protect their privacy on social media.

This article will discuss Dumpor, an Instagram Story Viewer that helps users keep track of their stories. The Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer is a great option for viewing Instagram stories, both for personal and professional use. If you don’t have an account, the amount of content you can watch is limited. Soon enough, the platform will prompt you to log in or create an account to continue accessing its services.

People prefer to remain anonymous while browsing other people’s profiles without logging in. No one will know their accounts are being secretly viewed. Let’s dive into the features of Dumpor, a powerful Instagram tool that helps users get visibility into other accounts.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a game-changing tool that enables users to access deleted Instagram posts and stories. It provides an anonymous way for users to recover content that was once lost forever, without having to reveal any personal information.

With Dumpor, users are now able to easily retrieve memories and stories they thought were erased forever, giving them the freedom to share them with friends or keep them as private mementos.

This free service lets users view an Instagram user’s profile, reels, stories, followers, and tagged posts. Dumpor is accessible online and through the app store, no Instagram login required.

How Does Dumpor Work?

Dumpor instagram strory viewers

Dumpor allows users to browse and analyze Instagram stories.Instagram stories can be easily and freely searched and viewed. Dumpor quickly scans and analyzes images using machine learning to create stories. All data, including hashtags, places, and usernames, are removed from stories.

Dumpor gathers stories and summarizes them by providing a description of the image, key passages, and character info. Dumpor is available on Firefox, Chrome, iOS and Android, making it easy to anonymously browse stories.

How to Login Dumpor App?

  • Now Open Google Play Stroe, browse it with the name of Dumper and Download Dumper app
  • Click on install and After completion of installation please select the “View anonymous stories”.
  • It is now possible to view private Instagram accounts and stories.
  • Easily uncover the source, author, and profile photo of any story.
  • Click the title to access the story page.
  • The app is user-friendly and provides comprehensive information on all stories.
  • Dumpor is known for its reliability, affordability, and usability.

The Benefits of Dumpor App

  1. Dumpor allows users to anonymously browse Instagram stories.
  2. Dumpor allows you to easily download Instagram photos and videos.
  3. Instagram is currently lacking in functionality.
  4. It’s possible to secretly read the content of others’ Instagram profiles.
  5. Dumpor’s UI is friendly and easy to use, even for beginners.
  6. Searching for any topic is made easy with profiles, hashtags, and locations.
  7. Dumpor is a free, secure service.

Alternatives of Dumpor



InstaDump is a web plugin that allows users to view Instagram stories anonymously, as well as providing a sound volume booster.

No sign-in or extra apps needed – Instagram Story Viewers makes it easy to view stories!

Users can easily find and save IG stories with this programme.



InstaStories is a free service that allows you to anonymously browse public Instagram profiles, monitoring stories, posts, likes, comments and more. using this platform. Easily find your account by typing in your username and clicking “Search”.

Instalkr provides an anonymous way for you to explore the Instagram profile of someone, giving you quick access to observe their posts, stories, subscribers, likes and comments. It’s the perfect app for conveniently watching stories.



Easily get HD quality profile photos from Instagram with izoomYou.

Instagram now allows users to view and save stories, posts and highlights on their mobile devices for easy access.

4K Stogram


4k Stogram is a web app that allows users to download Instagram stories, reels, pictures and videos. Easily download videos and images with original captions using Instagram Story Viewers by simply entering a login. Save posts by date as well.



Pixwox is an Instagram viewer and downloader, reportedly the best anonymizer tool for 2022.

Bottom Line

Dumpor allows you to search for any Instagram account and view their stories privately. You can view content anonymously, without the need to log in.  With the latest technology with user-deletable tales, you can rest assured that your deleted posts will remain erased.

It is the perfect way for users to stay in control of what is shared and seen on their accounts. Dumpor is the main focus – if there are any further questions, please comment.

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