Does Your Small Business Need IT Support? 5 Signs It Does


As a startup business owner, you probably got all your budget sorted out to specific areas and departments of your business. After all, operations can seem costly, especially when your company is just starting. You think you don’t want to invest in anything more. However, one thing you can’t deny is the reliance of most businesses on technology. One way or another, your business can’t function as effectively without technology. Simply put, you need to invest in IT for your everyday operations.

If you’ve been doing most of the job in your business, including IT tasks, you might potentially be risking your business from inefficiency, as well as risking your health due to fatigue from working. From software updates to security measures, IT tasks require constant upkeep, much of which may be too trivial and complex for you to work on. Hence, the need for IT support.

Being stubborn and resistant to the idea of IT support will get you nowhere, especially if the following signs keep recurring in your business operations. Know that it’s time to take action when you see the following instances:

1. You’ve Experienced Frequent Security Breaches

While security breaches are a significant threat to your business, many businesses still don’t take this aspect seriously. A lot of them think cybersecurity can be executed once, and that’s it. However, cybersecurity doesn’t last forever.

Businesses tend to forget how vulnerable their data is until a security breach occurs again. In such time, when you experience more damage and losses of data, you’llfinally realize your business software isn’t protected.

Furthermore, another false notion among small businesses is the leniency they feel regarding cybercrimes. They think that hackers and cybercriminals only target big companies. It becomes too late to realize that all companies can be targets, as long as your protection isn’t secure.

Sooner or later, you’ll have malware attacks, hacks, data theft, and many more problems. Whatever security incident you have, you cannot afford to ignore it. This is because you can lose your entire business by clicking on a harmless-looking hyperlink in a spam email.

To avoid these issues and threats, it’s best to hire IT support and know the best cybersecurity practices.

2. Your Small Business Is Expanding

Small businesses are expected to grow and expand eventually. When they do, it’s natural to broaden tech requirements for operations as well. Without the right software, tools, and equipment, your business operations will become disorganized and chaotic.

When updating or upscaling your office, you’ll need a properly structured IT to integrate all the business operations. Even if you have many staff, they may not be knowledgeable nor capable of creating an IT system for your business. Invest in quality IT services, and you’ll be able to expand your business without hiccups.

3. You’re Constantly Struggling With Bugs And Viruses

Almost all modern business owners deal with sensitive information. You have to do a lot to keep your network functional and safe. But there’s always a huge chance that your network may crash due to a virus, and sensitive information can be leaked, resulting in a massive loss on your business.

Don’t tolerate experiencing network crashes and viruses in your systems and computers. IT support can mediate these disasters and create a strategy to remove them completely. Thus, your staff can work without worries when they have secure networks and virus-free computers.

4. Networks Are Always Unstable

Nowadays, companies rely on a stable network connection to run their business successfully. The internet is a significant resource that many companies use daily. Some even use it 24/7, so imagine what’ll happen when your networks aren’t stable.

If you experience many problems with your IT network, and when they become frequent enough, it might be time to switch to third-party IT support.

5. Employees’ Productivity Are Declining

You can’t complain to your employees when they stop working and sit idly watching while another staff troubleshoots the computers and networks. You can’t blame them if they can’t access the computer to perform their tasks anyway. These are already money losses for your business. You’re paying for salaries but without any output. Even if your expert employees are trying their best to fix the IT problem, they may still be incapable of fixing it as experts do. Such issues may continue to keep arising over time.

When these situations happen, your employees’ productivity will significantly drop. They’ll get annoyed and agitated when they’re in the middle of their tasks then the internet experiences downtime.

Employee satisfaction can be negatively affected by these interruptions, too. It may be impossible to do the best work for your company because of disruptions. As a result, their work will eventually become dissatisfying.


If you have a growing business and your staff’s IT skills can’t keep up, you should work with an IT support company. Unlike experts from these service providers, your in-house employees are not knowledgeable in handling severe security breaches and other IT issues. Let your employees do what they do best and depend on the IT tasks to IT support experts.

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